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​Advertise With Us

Your advertising dollars are not limitless. You have a budget that you have to make work for your organization. Where you invest those dollars determines how far your budget can stretch to reach prospects and motivate them to act. If your target audience includes internal audit professionals, advertising with The IIA is the smartest strategic investment decision you can make to yield meaningful returns.

Whether you are looking to reach a general internal audit audience or a specific niche within the profession, The IIA offers a wide spectrum of opportunities to choose from. With a global membership of more than 180,000 professionals, The IIA exposes advertisers to a concentrated source of curious minds that are continually searching for innovative products and services to enhance their ability to meet rising stakeholder demands.

To explore the wealth of opportunities available and have a one-on-one discussion with an IIA representative about what options best suit your organization’s unique needs, please contact IIA Advertising at or call +1-407-937-1109.

Advertising Opportunities

Internal Auditor MagazineInternal Auditor Magazine

If practitioners are talking about it, Internal Auditor magazine is covering it. Designed to be a natural extension of the ongoing conversation occurring within the global internal audit community regarding hot topics and pressing issues, the magazine’s mission is to arm practitioners with the cutting-edge information and practices they need to do their jobs today and tomorrow.

By placing an advertisement in Internal Auditor, you are inserting yourself into this global conversation, building relevance for your company and opening the door to become a solution provider to the challenges that are discussed. Associating your organization with the premier publication of the leading worldwide internal audit authority provides immeasurable value, but some of the numbers that attest to the confidence the readers of the magazine place in its content include:

  • 93% of IIA members read Internal Auditor magazine.
  • 96% say Internal Auditor provides an indispensable professional resource that readers cannot find anywhere else.
  • 98% say the magazine provides information readers can use in their day-to-day work.
  • 61% of readers either contacted an advertiser or purchased a product or service from an advertisement in the magazine.
  • 80% of readers keep the magazine for more than four months.

Internal Auditor magazine is distributed by mail to more than 90,000 IIA members around the world and provides a wide range of opportunities to deliver your message to your primary audience. Advertising is available in a variety of ad sizes, both in print and in the magazine's English and Spanish online editions.

For questions on Internal Auditor magazine's closing dates, editorial calendar, ad specs, and how specialty advertising can work for you, please contact us at +1-407-937-1109 or e-mail

IIA e-Newsletters

FSA Times

The IIA’s specialty newsletter, FSA Times, offers advertisers a unique opportunity to reach 11,000 members of the Institute’s Financial Services Auditor (FSA) Group, which includes practitioners in the banking, insurance, and investment industries. Published quarterly in January, April, July, and October, this members-only newsletter features articles on emerging issues within the profession, as well as technical information for conducting industry-specific audits to help financial services auditors stay current on the nuances of this sector of the profession. It also includes regulatory updates and sample audit programs. A “must read” for the FSA professional, FSA Times is delivered electronically and can be accessed immediately, positioning your message to successfully impact and influence this elite segment of the profession.

The Gaming Auditorium

Increase your influence with The IIA’s gaming audit professionals while adding prestige and respect to your brand. Published quarterly in February, May, August, and November, The Gaming Auditorium has an online circulation of more than 1,100 specialized internal audit professionals seeking solutions for the highly specialized segment of the profession they practice. An exclusive newsletter, The Gaming Auditorium provides gaming professionals worldwide with access to winning strategies for efficient and effective internal controls. Members of The IIA’s Gaming Audit Group receive valuable insight into guidance, controls, benchmarks, standards, and education pertinent to internal auditors engaged with casinos, lotteries, racetracks, other gaming enterprises, and government regulatory commissions or agencies. Delivered electronically, The Gaming Auditorium is your best bet to win the confidence and trust of this highly targeted internal audit niche. and Websites

The IIA’s website,, is a powerhouse of information designed to provide internal auditors with information, resources, and opportunities. Practitioners visit the website to discover best practices, read periodicals, shop the IIARF Bookstore, find training and certification opportunities, and stay current on the latest news and developments relevant to the profession. The website has a breadth and depth of information that has members and non-members alike visiting and revisiting on a regular basis.

Powered by search engine optimization strategies that draw anyone searching for internal audit information to The IIA’s North American website, the homepage averages nearly 58 million page views annually. Interior pages receive more than 7,500,000 visits and 54 million page views annually. To further enhance its online presence and continue to elevate service to members, The IIA's global website,, was launched in October of 2011, serving more than 100,000 IIA members who reside outside of North America.

Advertising opportunities for The IIA’s websites are as diverse as the content that comprises them. Organizations can select from a variety of sizes, placement position, and run times for the advertisements they would like to deliver. However, regardless of the different options your organization may select, one thing remains the same... your message will be heard.