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IIA Volunteers — Committees

The primary function of IIA committees is to develop and implement programs to achieve the goals and objectives of The Institute and to provide advice and counsel to the headquarters staff. Terms are usually for three years, with one-third of the members' terms expiring each year.

IIA Boards and Committees Overview
  •   Academic Relations Committee

    Mission: To forge relationships among academics, students, practitioners, administrators, and others for the primary purpose of promoting the role of internal auditing and internal auditing education within college/university curricula globally.

    Composition: 15-20 individuals representing both academe and practitioners.

    James A. Molzahn

    Committee Chairman
    James A. Molzahn, CIA, CRMA
    SVP Internal Audit
    Sedgwick Inc.

  •   Audit Committee

    Mission: To provide assistance to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors in fulfillment of their oversight responsibilities for The Institute's financial reporting process, system of internal control and the audit process; to recommend a firm of certified public accountants to audit and report upon the financial statements of The Institute for each fiscal year; to oversee The Institute's Internal Audit program; and to provide oversight of practices designed to ensure compliance with legal, risk management, and regulatory requirements.

    Composition: Three to five members selected from the Board of Directors by the Chairman of the Board.

    Catherine J. Blunt

    Committee Chairman
    Catherine J. Blunt, CIA
    O’Connor Marsden & Associates

  •   Committee of Research and Education Advisors

    Mission: To provide the internal audit profession with the information needed to anticipate, and react to, important external and internal factors that could have a material impact on the practice of internal auditing.

    Composition: Twenty to 30 individuals representing a cross-section of IIA membership.

    Steven E. Jameson

    Committee Chairman
    Steven E. Jameson, CIA, CCSA, CFSA, CRMA
    Executive Vice President and Chief Internal Audit & Risk Officer
    Community Trust Bank

  •   Exam Development Committee

    Mission: To ensure that the content of The IIA’s certification exams is continuously aligned with and reflects the current global practice of internal auditing, including the International Professional Practices Framework.

    Composition: All members must have Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) certifications; two or more designations preferred.

    W. Charles Johnson, Jr.

    Committee Chairman
    W. Charles Johnson, Jr., CIA, QIAL, CFSA, CGAP, CRMA
    General Auditor
    Lower Colorado River Authority

  •   Executive Committee

    Mission: Assists the Board of Directors in the fulfillment of its responsibilities for overseeing the affairs of The Institute.

    Composition: Chairman of the Board, Senior Vice Chairman of the Board, five Vice Chairmen, Secretary, two Past Chairmen and other such members as may be appointed by the Board of Directors from the members of the Board.

    Lawrence J. Harrington

    Committee Chairman
    Lawrence J. Harrington, CIA, QIAL, CRMA
    Vice President, Internal Audit
    Raytheon Company

  •   Global Advocacy Committee

    Mission: To provide guidance to The IIA in the implementation of its global advocacy strategy, supporting The IIA’s vision to advocate and promote the value of internal auditing.

    Composition: Members chosen for their strategic focus and wide range of contacts in both government and private sectors.

    Carolyn D. Saint

    Committee Chairman
    Carolyn D. Saint, CIA, CRMA
    Chief Audit Executive
    University of Virginia

  •   Global Ethics Committee

    Mission: To oversee the maintenance, updating, and interpretation of The IIA's Code of Ethics, and to promote an understanding of and compliance with The IIA's Code of Ethics.

    Composition: Minimum of five members, 80% of whom must have Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) certifications.

    Anne M. Mercer

    Committee Chairman
    Anne M. Mercer, CIA, CFSA
    Vice President Internal Audit
    Universal American

  •   Global Finance Committee

    Mission: To review the internal reporting of the budget and financial policies and procedures of The Institute; to ensure that the reporting of revenue and expenses of operations and assets and liabilities of the organization are based on acceptable accounting practices; and to provide necessary and timely information for decision-making.

    Composition: Five to eight members from the Board of Directors and The IIA Research Foundation.

    Sarah Kaye Blackburn

    Committee Chairman
    Sarah Kaye Blackburn, CIA, QIAL, CRMA, CMIIA
    IA Development Consultant
    Wayside Network Ltd.

  •   Global Professional Development Committee

    Mission: The Global Professional Development Committee (GPDC) will promote and enhance the global development of high-performing internal audit professionals, indispensable to their organizations.

    Composition: GPDC will consist of internal audit, academic, and other professionals representing a cross-section of the global membership. The number of committee members and mix of capabilities will be determined based on the strategic and operational needs of the committee.

    Karen Brady

    Committee Chairman
    Karen Brady, CIA, CRMA
    VP and Chief Compliance Officer
    Baptist Health South Florida

  •   Institute Relations Committee

    Mission: To promote and facilitate the development and maintenance of a global strategy that fosters good communication, collaboration and cooperation among The IIA and all Institutes. To oversee Institute relations including the formation, development and expansion of IIA Institutes.

    Composition: At least 15 members as needed to ensure a balanced committee with global expertise and representation from all areas of the world.

    Gregory D. Hollyman

    Committee Chairman
    Gregory D. Hollyman, CIA, QIAL, CCSA, CFSA, CGAP, CRMA
    Chief Internal Auditor
    Australian Taxation Office

  •   Internal Auditing Academic Advancement Fund Board

    Mission: To carry out the educational and charitable purposes for internal audit education of The Institute of Internal Auditors, by collecting and distributing funds to support the teaching of internal auditing in qualifying post-secondary educational institutions worldwide.

    Composition: The IAAAF Board is comprised of five ex-officio members serving as officers of the corporation and three directors who are appointed by the IAAAF officers.

    Angela Witzany

    IAAAF Board Chairman
    Angela Witzany, CIA, QIAL, CRMA
    Head of Internal Audit
    Sparkassen Versicherung AG

  •   IIA Research Foundation Board of Trustees

    Mission: To expand knowledge and understanding of internal auditing by providing relevant research and educational products to advance the profession globally.

    Composition: Eighteen to 25 individuals, usually chief audit executives or directors of internal auditing from diverse industries, senior governmental auditors, and professors in internal auditing.

    Frank M. O'Brien

    President, IIA Research Foundation
    Frank M. O’Brien, CIA, QIAL
    Vice President, Internal Audit, Business Ethics & Integrity
    Olin Corporation

  •   International Internal Audit Standards Board

    Mission: To develop, issue, maintain, and promote the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards) on a worldwide basis.

    Composition: Minimum of 14 members, all of whom must have Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) certifications.

    Patricia K. Miller

    Committee Chairman
    Patricia K. Miller, CIA, QIAL, CRMA
    Executive in Residence
    University of Nevada, Reno

  •   Professional Certifications Board

    Mission: To govern and promote The IIA’s global certification programs that are recognized as the global benchmark for the profession.

    Composition: Minimum of nine members, all of whom must have Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) certifications.

    Stephen D. Goepfert

    Committee Chairman
    Stephen D. Goepfert, CIA, QIAL, CRMA
    Retired Vice President Internal Audit
    United Airlines

  •   Professional Issues Committee

    Mission: To provide thought leadership and timely professional guidance to the members and stakeholders of the internal audit profession on methodologies, techniques, and authoritative positions included in the International Professional Practices Framework and to comment on or support other matters that impact the profession of internal auditing.

    Composition: Members with a broad range with expertise and experience, two-thirds of whom must have Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) certifications.

    Erich Schumann

    Committee Chairman
    Erich Schumann, CIA, CRMA
    Managing Partner
    Global Atlantic Partners

  •   Public Sector Committee

    Mission: To influence and provide thought leadership and advice to The IIA and its international committees on public sector auditing matters and to promote the interests of The IIA’s public sector audit members.

    Composition: Members representative of the global public sector auditing profession.

    Himi Tina Kim

    Committee Chairman
    Himi Tina Kim, CIA, CGAP, CRMA
    Deputy Comptroller for State Accountability
    New York State Office of the State Comptroller

North American Board and Committees
  •   Chapter Relations Committee

    Mission: To assist chapter leadership as a resource and liaison to The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) in enabling chapters to meet their objectives; that the professional practice of internal auditing is effectively promoted through a full range of quality services to members; and that effective strategies are developed to address issues and opportunities at the chapter level.

    Composition: Thirty to 40 District Representatives and District Advisors who must be Certified Internal Auditors®.

    Keri Rogers

    Committee Chairman
    Keri Rogers, CIA, CRMA
    Assistant Vice President Audit Services
    Manulife Financial

  •   Learning Solutions Committee

    Mission: To advise and support the professional staff of The IIA in providing world class educational opportunities to the membership, including seminars, conferences and e-learning. Also provides thought leadership and other support for any other educational modes including regional conferences, publications, the CIA Learning System and the Audit Executive Center.

    Composition: Members representing a cross section of the North American membership.

    R. David Curry III

    Committee Chairman
    R. David Curry III, CIA
    Associate Director of Auditing
    University of California

  •   North American Advocacy Committee

    Mission: To provide thought leadership, guidance, and operational assistance to The IIA North American Board in the implementation of the IIA North America Strategy and the specific strategic goal: “To be recognized by public policy makers as the voice for the profession by 2014.” This mission also supports The IIA’s vision to advocate and promote the value of internal auditing.

    Composition: Members chosen for their strategic focus and wide range of contacts in both government and private sectors.

    Charles T. Wright

    Committee Chairman
    Charles T. Wright, CIA
    VP Internal Audit
    Devon Energy Corporation

  •   North American Board

    Mission: To ensure that volunteer and staff activities of The IIA adequately address the needs of North American membership through continuous monitoring of programs, services and budgets relating to North American members and chapters.

    Composition: The North American Board is comprised of the 10 North American directors and one North American member selected by the Chairman of the Board from the Executive Committee. At least one NA Board member will be from Canada. The IIA President and CEO serves as an ex-officio member of the NA Board, without voting rights.

    Meet The IIA's 2015-2016 North American Board

    J. Michael Joyce Jr.

    North American Board Chairman
    J. Michael Joyce Jr., CIA, CRMA
    Chief Auditor and Compliance Officer
    Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

  •   Regional Conference Committee

    Mission: To provide oversight, support, and technical expertise to the committees of the chapter(s) hosting regional conferences; and to ensure that each conference meets the criteria outlined in the Regional Conference Manual.

    Composition: At least 6 individuals representing a cross-section of the membership. Members should have specific skills or experience in areas of conference offerings.

    Ruthe Holden

    Committee Chairman
    Ruthe Holden, CIA, CGAP, CRMA
    Chief Auditor
    Los Angeles County Metro Transportation Authority

  •   Publications Advisory Committee

    Mission: To ensure that IIA publications meet high professional and technical standards consistent with The Institute’s leadership position in internal auditing.

    Composition: Ten to 15 individuals representing a cross-section of IIA membership.

    Debora Shelton

    Committee Chairman
    Debora Shelton, CIA, CRMA
    Director IT Security and Compliance
    LG&E and KU Energy LLC