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Conferences and Exhibits

IIA Conferences

IIA conferences provide an opportunity for professionals to come together and exchange ideas, be exposed to innovative new strategies, and restore their energy for tackling the continuously evolving challenges the internal audit profession presents. Attendees are hungry for information. They choose to attend IIA events because they know they will gain insight from thought-leading presentations while being surrounded by competent peers and afforded access to state-of-the-profession solutions to their challenges.

Through 10 unique conferences, The IIA provides attendees with an experience that fuels their inspiration and motivates them to become change agents in their organization. The IIA’s annual calendar of events includes:

  • General Audit Management Conference (March)
  • Women in Internal Leadership Forum (March and October)
  • Leadership Academy (April)
  • International Conference (July)
  • Governance, Risk, and Control Conference (August)
  • Financial Services Exchange (October)
  • Environmental, Health & Safety Exchange (October)
  • Gaming & Hospitality Conference (October)
  • All Star Conference (October)
  • Emerging Leaders Forum (October)

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When it comes to connecting with your target audience, timing is key. By exhibiting at an IIA conference, you gain access to professionals who are actively searching for solutions to their challenges and who are being continuously stimulated throughout the day by new ideas and strategies, putting them in the frame of mind to take action.

Additionally, you will have a birds-eye view of how your competitors are positioning themselves in the marketplace, allowing you to effectively evaluate your own position. Beyond being able to deliver your value proposition to prospects face-to-face, exhibiting at an IIA conference also affords you the opportunity to receive real-time feedback on your offering, essentially creating a built-in focus group for your go-to-market strategy.

Capitalize on the opportunity to position yourself among leading internal audit service providers — such as audit training and consulting services, professional associations, software companies, risk management specialists, certification training materials providers, and others — by reserving your space on an IIA conference exhibit floor. Your competitors will be there. Will you?

For more information on any of The IIA's conferences and to find out how you can join as an exhibitor, please call 1+407-937-1388 or email​