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​IIA Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines
IIA Boilerplate Copy

Logo and Brand Guidelines Request

Thank you for your interest in using The IIA’s logos and trademarks/registrations. The IIA’s logos are a form of intellectual property and one of our most valuable assets.

To protect The IIA’s logos and the integrity of our brand, we have developed Brand Guidelines that apply to The IIA’s employees, chapters/institutes, members, and third parties making reference to The IIA’s trademarks, registrations, and logos. Following your request submission, The IIA will review it and make a determination, in its sole discretion, whether and to what extent it will grant you use of the trademarks/registrations. The IIA reserves the right at all times to deny a request to use its trademarks/registrations.

You can access and download the Brand Guidelines and Boilerplate copy.

Please allow three to five business days for your request to be reviewed. If your request is approved, you will receive an e-mail containing the logo (in a variety of acceptable formats), along the Brand Guidelines to which you agree to comply when using The IIA’s trademarks/registrations. If The IIA determines not to grant your request, you will receive an email accordingly.

To request artwork, please email