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Certification Award Winners

William Smith

The IIA is proud to announce the 2016 list of those who have passed certification exams with the highest scores, demonstrating their dedication and passion for the profession. These candidates excelled in the CIA®, CGAP®, CFSA®, CRMA®, and CCSA® exams, honoring the profession and their respective organizations.

The candidate who scored the highest in the CIA exam will receive the William S. Smith Award, named in honor of William S. Smith, CIA, The IIA's first chairman of the Board of Regents, a former IIA chairman of the board, and a driving force behind the development of the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) program.

Awards are based on individual performance on the core CIA exam parts (parts 1, 2, and 3). With year-round testing, award recipients must pass each exam part on their first attempt within one year of taking the first exam part.

In 2016, a total of 46,416 candidates took the CIA exam and 2,294 took a specialty exam. Congratulations to all who are committed to delivering a level of excellence to their organization or business environment and the internal audit profession.

2016 CIA Top Score Award Winners
Candidate Name Award Country
Sarah Gray, CIA William S. Smith Award - Gold Canada
Justin Mahe, CIA A.J. Hans Spoel Award - Silver USA
Maggie Lau, CIA Kurt Riedener Award - Bronze Canada
Tianye Zhang, CIA Dr. Glenn Sumners Award - Student China


The next 10 top CIA scorers are recognized for their achievements with Certificates of Excellence.
The Certificate of Excellence CIA award winners for 2016 are:
Michael Aaron Fleischaker, CIA, USA Janne Poutanen, CIA, Finland
Jennifer M. Herron, CIA, USA Jason D. Schanno, CIA, USA
Sianna Koleva, CIA, Netherlands Christopher Siron, CIA, USA
Andrew N. McLaughlin, CIA, USA Kirsten Stevens, CIA, USA
Justin M. Moroder, CIA, USA Tan Yan Wen, CIA, Singapore


The IIA also recognizes the next top 50 highest CIA exam scores with a Certificate of Honor.
Recipients for 2016 include:
Candidate Affiliate/Institute

Ziad Yousef Solaiman A​​bdelghani, CIA

IIA United Arab Emirates

Haris Akhtar Aziz, CIA

IIA Pakistan

Brian Douglas Boone, CIA

Sacremento, CA

Simos Boursalian, CIA

IIA Greece

Donald E. Carlson, CIA, CGAP

Austin, TX

Qaisar Choudhary, CIA

IIA Qatar

Andrew James Dudley Collins

Non-member- Great Britain

Shellie Ruoff Creson, CIA

Birmingham, AL

Steven Dassing, CIA,

Philadelphia, PA

Frederique Deniger, CIA

Montreal, Canada

Dieter Dresel, CIA

IIA Germany

Charles W. Edson, CIA

Tidewater, VA

Bradley Erla, CIA

Lansing, MI

Douglas D. Forster, CIA

Ottawa, Canada

Sean Alexander Frasier, CIA

Twin Cities, MN

Sabrina Gülck, CIA

IIA Germany

Andrew Joseph Haynie, CIA, USA

Salt Lake City, UT

Rui He, CIA


Donal Hewitt, CIA

Red River Valley

Christian Hilgemann, CIA

IIA Germany

Mitsutaka Kimura, CIA, CFSA

IIA Japan

Lea Koehnken, CIA


Jonathan Maxwell Kresser, CIA

San Diego, CA

Kristin Elizabeth LaBella, CIA

Dallas, TX

Madison Sokkuan Lai, CIA

Las Vegas, NV

Kailee D. Levesque, CIA

Ocean State, RI

Rohan V Mangalore, CIA

IIA India

Julius Peralta Mondala, CIA

IIA Philippines

Stephan Mörgeli, CIA, CHE

IIA Switzerland

Launce Moses, CIA, Great Britain (Audit Group)

New York

Christopher Warren Mutz, CIA

Washington, DC

Carmen Patton-Minder, CIA

Twin Cities, MN

Michael J. Peters, CIA

Detroit, MI

Jessie Pieper, CIA

Madison, WI

Rhea Rasquinha, CIA


Philip J. Richard, CIA

Greater Boston, MA

Nicolas Carlos Rois, CIA

Member at Large-Mexico

Denton Romans, CIA


Andrew Simonet, CIA

Twin Cities, MN

Brian Stevens, CIA

Washington, DC

Nicki Stewart, CIA

Portland, OR

Brian A. Stone, CIA

IIA Philippines

Anne Maria Truijens, CIA

IIA Netherlands

Adrine Tumanyan, CIA

IIA Armenia

Drew Desmond Turner, CIA

IIA Australia

Van Thielen Luc, CIA, Belgium

IIA Belgium

Ravichandran Asirvatham Whitehead, CIA, CRMA


Christian Woll, CIA, CRMA

IIA Germany

Nanxing Xue, CIA

San Gabriel Valley, CA

Everet Zicarelli, CIA

Philadelphia, PA


The IIA also recognizes those who scored the highest on specialty exams:
Jeffrey Kowalczyk, CGAP Philadelphia, PA CGAP Winner
Callan Robert Doak, CFSA San Francisco, CA CFSA Winner
Matthew A. Keeler, CRMA Atlanta, GA CRMA Winner
Daniela Recknagel, CIA, CCSA IIA Germany CCSA Winner

2015 Award Recipients

Gold Medal – Highest Achievement Award: Michelle Hale, CIA, USA
Silver Medal – Award Recipient: Justin Swalberg, CIA, USA
Bronze Medal – Award Recipient: William Flahr, CIA, USA
Student Highest Achievement Award: Ashley Gervasi, CIA, USA

2014 Award Recipients

Gold Medal – Highest Achievement Award: Jepson Fuller, CIA, Pugent Sound, USA
Silver Medal – Award Recipient: Joy Larisey, CIA, Northwest Metro Chicago, USA
Bronze Medal – Award Recipient: Brain Lair, CIA, Wichita, USA
Student Highest Achievement Award: Michael Easterday, Central Ohio, USA

2013 Award Recipients

Gold Medal — Highest Achievement Award: Allesandro Segalini, CIA, IIA Italy
Silver Medal — Award Recipient: Alberto Aimola, CIA, CCSA, IIA Italy
Bronze Medal — Award Recipient: Mark de Jong, CIA, IIA Netherlands
Student Highest Achievement Award: Laust Helmig, CIA, IIA–New York, USA

2012 Award Recipients

Gold Medal – Highest Achievement Award: Juan Carlos Diaz, CIA, IIA Spain
Silver Medal – Award Recipient: Väino Sarnet, CIA, CGAP, IIA Estonia
Bronze Medal – Award Recipient: Anna Agnieszka, CIA, IIA Poland
Student Highest Achievement Award: Wang Yang, CIA, IIA China

2011 Award Recipients

Gold Medal – Highest Achievement Award: Robert Bruce Marsden, CIA, IIA-New York, USA
Silver Medal – Award Recipient: Douglas Scott Schmidt, CIA, IIA-Indianapolis, USA
Bronze Medal – Award Recipient: Ömer Kerem Seçkin, CIA, IIA Turkey
Student Highest Achievement Award: Jeffrey S. Littlejohn, CIA, IIA-Dallas, USA

2010 Award Recipients

Gold Medal – Highest Achievement Award: Igor Gouvêa, IIA Brazil
Silver Medal – Award Recipient: Henrique de Carvalho, IIA Brazil
Bronze Medal – Award Recipient: Adriana Rey, IIA Uraguay
Student Highest Achievement Award: Elaina Arvelo, Philadelphia, PA USA

2009 Award Recipients

Gold Medal – Highest Achievement Award: Óscar Moreno Palmero, IIA Spain
Silver Medal – Award Recipient: Ángel Palomo Cisneros, IIA Spain
Bronze Medal – Award Recipient: Jaime Raffo, Miami, FL USA
Student Highest Achievement Award: Steve Pebley, Alexandria, VA USA

2007 Award Recipients

Gold Medal – Highest Achievement Award: Elisheba Etabag Manzano, IIA Philippines
Gold Medal – Highest Achievement Award: Ryan Gilbert Khu Chua, IIA Philippines