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Building Awarenses Champion

​2020 Building Awareness Champions

Congratulations to our 2020 Building Awareness Champions!

Rising to the challenges presented by a global pandemic, these Affiliates and Chapters promoted the internal audit profession beginning in May during International Internal Audit Awareness Month and continuing in the months following. Through a variety of virtual events and awareness campaigns designed to inform and engage, they shared their passion for internal auditing, raising awareness of the profession and helping stakeholders understand the value of internal audit in their organizations.

Building Awareness Champions
  •   IIA–Argentina

    ​We held webinars for our members from May to July on topics such as “Considerations for Audit Committees and Internal Auditors in Times of COVID-19” and “Emerging Risks from COVID-19 and Their Impact on Businesses and Organizations.” Quality assurance and cybersecurity were among other themes presented.

  •   IIA–Bahamas Chapter
  •   IIA–Bangladesh

    We organized the following events in May and June as awareness activities, despite a pandemic situation where we used a virtual platform:

    • Virtual meeting on “CIA Exam from Home”
    • Virtual meeting on arrangement of IIA Global on e-Seminar
    • FB Live: E-Seminar on “CIA/CRMA Certification – Staying at Home”
    • CPE e-Seminar on “Remote Auditing,” attended by Comptroller and Auditor General of Bangladesh as chief guest.
    • FB Live: E-Seminar on “Internal Audit Role Amid New Normal”
  •   IIA–Belgium

    ​We organized many virtual trainings during the month of May. We aimed to make the members’ experience feel as close to in-person trainings as possible. The emphasis was on having very interactive sessions.

    Moreover, we published a 1+1 free offer which we think contributed to a higher involvement rate. Also, we tried to bring diversity into the training topics.

    Starting with September we resumed our in-person trainings. All necessary sanitary measures were implemented. Virtual trainings are still organized as well. Also, we published another great deal, 50% off for any second training registration.

    In terms of events, we are bringing the in-person Happy Hour to our members once a month. A short presentation on diverse topics is held every time. Our Chief Audit Executives Club meetings continue in a virtual way. Also, efforts are made to resume the Young Professionals events in a consistent way.

    Besides our in-person and virtual trainings/events, we are constantly updating our website and social media channels with interesting readings/articles and news about internal audit. A YouTube channel with videos about diverse audit topics was set up as well.

  •   IIA–Brazil

    ​In May, we promoted our first webinar, “Risk-based Audit During the Pandemic, ” bringing together audit CEOs from Brazil, Peru and Portugal. Then, we developed other events about audit and the pandemic.

    IIA-Brazil: Auditoria Baseada em Riscos Durante a Pandemia

    IIA-Brazil: Novo Modelo das 3 Linhas do IIA 2020

  •   IIA–Calgary Chapter
  •   IIA–Chile

    ​After the coronavirus outbreak, the way we work and the environment in which we operate evolved rapidly and in an unforeseen manner. In view of the world's events, we had to work on two fronts:

    Support the profession with supportive communications and activities aimed at mitigating the risks of contagion and changing our communication, the way we work, opting for telework.

    Webinars and courses that were face-to-face had to be transmitted in virtual format, the most efficient way to reach our community. The new modality was not an impediment for us; on the contrary, we took it as a great opportunity to transmit and expand our great work of enhancing the profession and competencies of internal auditors.

    Our first actions were to transmit and disseminate through social networks and newsletter useful information about COVID-19 – its forms of contagion and prevention – and new modes of communication, which represented something totally useful for our followers, members, co-workers, in general to our entire network of internal auditors.

    We also extended membership to members who lost their job or who had their income reduced by the pandemic.

    IIA-Chile: Webinar: Agilidad en Auditoria

  •   IIA–Chinese Taiwan

    IIA–Chinese Taiwan held a seminar for free to promote internal audit career and CIA certification in Asia University on October 23.

    IIA-Chinese Taiwan October 23, 2020 Seminar Photo

    IIA–Chinese Taiwan also held a national conference to promote internal audit on October 30 and the number of registrants are more than 500 persons. This was a paid event with the theme “Keep path with the trend pulse and promote innovative energy.”

  •   IIA–Colombia

    IIA–Colombia launched in May 2020 on its page the webinar reproduction library to provide all members with updated information on topics of global interest.

    IIA-Colombia: Bibioteca de Reproduccion de Seminarios Web

    Once the health emergency is declared in Colombia, we informed all our members about the administrative changes generated by COVID-19, offering permanent attention to our cell phone lines and emails.

    We created detailed instructions for all our members to learn and manage the Zoom virtual platform.

    We migrated all of our academic programs to virtual.

    We created heads in all our social networks and web page informing about virtual training and how to contact us.

    We kept all our members informed about regulations related to COVID-19.

  •   IIA–Costa Rica

    ​During May we decided to celebrate the Internal Audit Awareness month through an email from our President to all our affiliates about the importance of internal audit and inviting them to our other activities to celebrate.

    The other activities consisted of a complete week of free webinars, one on each day from May 11–15. All webinars were from international facilitators, in collaboration with different chapters from Latin America, and all subjects related to our 2020 reality and the newest tendencies of internal audit. Specific to COVID-19, we had the webinar “Innovating for the future in internal audit, facing COVID-19,” and sent brochures with the precautions to our affiliates.

    The goal of the events has been training, member retention, and rallying members. It has worked in all cases, and has brought in some new members, too.

    IIA-Costa Rica: Recomendaciones Para Evitar el COVID-19

  •   IIA–Cyprus

    ​On May 5, 2020 we sent an email to all our members reminding them about International Internal Audit Awareness Month, the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic we were then facing, and are still facing today. We also, however, encouraged them, despite the new added demands from internal auditors, to continue their efforts in proving the importance and vital role of internal auditing.

    A webinar (additional to our Annual Training Program) was offered free of charge to our members on May 28. The subjects of the webinar were “Remote Auditing for COVID-19 and Beyond” and “Managing Risks with COVID-19.”

  •   IIA–Dominican Republic

    IIA-Dominican Republic: May 20, 2020 Webinar

  •   IIA–Ecuador

    ​From April to date we have organized 7 free 1-hour webinars in order to update members and as part of member retention and recruitment. We also hold 2 conferences (2 hour) with a minimum price.

    We have organized events every month so that our partners and followers of social networks know that the Institute continues to support the updating of its members. Courses of more than 1 hour had a price.

    The webinars have been done through Zoom and YouTube due to the large number of registrants. The 8-hour courses and the 12-hour ERM Enterprise Risk Management Certificate program were conducted with Zoom. Kahoot was used to keep attendees’ participation active.

    The free webinars have been the best way to keep our members involved with the Institute.

    IIA-Ecuador: Que espera un empresario de los auditores internos en epoca de COVID-19

    IIA-Ecuador: Participa en el estudio del impacto del COVID-19

    Together with EY, a study was carried out to find out the challenges, needs and trends of internal auditing in Ecuador in the face of the effects of Covid-19. The results were published on social networks.

  •   IIA–El Salvador

    ​This year has been characterized by changes due to the pandemic that the world is suffering and also by what we know as the new normal. This new normal that was lived in El Salvador and in the whole world has taken different stages, among which, at the country level, we have the entry into force of the Telework Law, starting on March 20, changing our way of thinking and acting. That promoted a change in the celebration of Internal Audit Awareness Month by IIA–El Salvador, including organizing different webinars with national and international professionals, free of charge. Also:

    • Due to compliance with the rules of social distancing, only online activities were carried out.
    • There was no charge for membership renewal from March to September 2020.
    • Our associates were continuously informed about the protection measures they should have for COVID-19.
    • These changes allowed us to work as a team with the Institutes of Internal Auditors of Guatemala and Nicaragua to meet the needs of our members and the general public by developing free training and workshops at low cost.

    IIA-El Salvador: Principales asuntos de Contabilidad y Auditores considerando la situacion actual COVID-19

  •   IIA–Finland

    ​Since March 2020 we converted every training and conference we could, and also our other activities to virtual activities. We did arrange our first ever totally virtual monthly meeting in May, there were some 90 participants (out of our 600 members) and the feedback was great.

    We also created new, totally virtual training. We have intensively cooperated in Europe, and one of the common training products that was launched is totally virtual training package of COSO ERM certificate.

    We have frequently, bi-weekly, communicated with our members, the main focus has been to actively inform COVID-19 time auditing tips and tools, and all the various ways to achieve and fulfill annual CPE requirement. And, also we have been active in LinkedIn posting.

    All the activities we started in March have been ongoing ever since, and will continue next year. So far we have piloted various online tools (like Teams and Adobe), and in the hybrid trainings we have used various service providers for streaming and chat. And work continues also next year. Looks like that there is quite a lot of audience, and the feedback has been very good. So far we have been able to keep our members satisfied and happy.

  •   FLAI

    ​During the month of May 2020 for Internal Audit Awareness month, as the Pandemic did not allow to have in person activities, we co-sponsored a webinar with the Instituto de Auditores Internos de Ecuador, “El Antidoto (Antivirus) Antitoxico: Mas Alla de la Auditoria Interna” (Antidote (Antivirus) Antitoxic: Beyond Internal Audit). The speaker was Mr. Nahum Frett.

    Other activities that we offered during these difficult times were:

    • Webinar: Internal Audit in Moment of Crises: COVID-19 Pandemic. This was offered via YouTube Video and we had 1,742 inscriptions from different countries in the region. Questions and comments were allowed via Chat.
    • FLAI sponsored the white paper: Heightened Level of Fraud Risk During a Pandemic (Modelo para Gestionar el Riesgo de Fraude en una Pandemia) through the Internal Audit Foundation by Nelson Luis. It included translation from the English original to Spanish and Portuguese and the subtitling of the video promoting this paper. FLAI offered a webinar to our member Institutes with Mr. Nelson Luis as Speaker about this document.
    • We had our quarterly Institute Leaders meeting on March 25, 2020 with all the Institutes and the topic was: Contingency plans against COVID-19. Questions and experiences from all Institutes were shared related to COVID-19: contingency plans; home-office work; National Congress celebration; main impacts brought by the pandemic and main action plans, and other issues.
    • Conducted a Quarterly Institute Leaders meeting regarding virtual training offerings practices and needs in order to better understand and be able to propose and provide a Regional Virtual Events Guideline to the Institutes.
    • Translated to Spanish and Portuguese the new Internal Audit Competency Framework document and made it available as a resource in our Region.
    • Established a COVID-19 resource page on our website:
    • Translated to Spanish and Portuguese:
      • Fact sheet Internal Audit and Pandemics by IIA Australia and offered it as a resource.
      • EHS Planning for COVID-19 and Beyond (IIA- Environmental Health & Safety Audit Center)
      • Remote Audit for COVID-19 and Beyond (Spanish)
  •   IIA–Greece

    ​This year was a different one compared with all the previous ones. Due to the pandemic most of the events scheduled for May were either canceled or postponed. Nevertheless, we held virtual events because we realized that it is important to our members to be relevant and close to them in this difficult situation.

    So we launched 3 thematical evenings for our members and “friends” that had great appreciation and response: “Walk in Nature,” “In this new paradigm, which performance metrics would ensure corporate strategy success,” and “Risk assessment and fraud issues on the CAE risk heat map.”

    We also participated within the May Internal Audit Awareness Month in the academic forum organized by IIA–Turkey. Verra Marmalidou, chairman of IIA–Greece, spoke. The Academic Forum was scheduled to take place in Thessaloniki on May 8, 2020, in the University of Macedonia, but due to the pandemic it was canceled. The below photo is from the virtual event that took place and it is taken from IIA–Turkey.

    IIA-Greece: International Academic Forum 2020

  •   IIA–Guatemala

    ​In alliance with the institutes of El Salvador and Nicaragua, during the month of May we carried out a series of free webinars to promote the profession: "The Internal Auditor and the Evaluation of the Plan of Business Continuity,” given by Mr. Ronald Hurtarte, "Continuous Assurance – GTAG,” with speaker Davis Porras. Thanks to the support of Mr. Eladio Piña and Cristian Briones from Chile, the webinar “Agile Audit” was held.

    Taking into consideration the situation that we are going through worldwide, we considered it appropriate to offer our professionals a webinar on the topic “Managing Emotions, During and After Covid-19,” a topic taught by Mrs. Irma Fratti de Perez, from El Salvador.

    We also had the opportunity to teach the topics "Model for Third Party Audit," in collaboration with Gabriela Castro, as well as "Transparency and Accountability" thanks to the support of Jonathan Leiva. Within the series of webinars given, we had the support of Mr. Michael Joyce, The IIA’s 2019–20 Chairman of the Global Board, who was sharing with our audience the topic “Audit in Tune.”

  •   IIA–Haiti

    IIA Haiti: Interviews With Main Media

    ​Four interviews with main media in Haiti were held with the President of IIA–Haiti, Gally Amazan. The interviews were published on our website and social networks.

    Due to COVID-19, instead of holding a networking event as we usually do, we organized instead a webinar under the theme “How to audit in a context of COVID-19” on May 29 with Daniel Lebel.

  •   IIA–Korea

    ​Due to the coronavirus pandemic situation, IIA–Korea had trouble providing on-site training to our members, and the need for non-face-to-face training has been emphasized all over the word. We decided to launch online training programs.

    We successfully launched "E-Learning internal audit training courses" based on audit specialized training to provide more educational opportunities to members through online twice a month. IIA–Korea also has started to provide webinar programs “Audit Focus” to introduce recent audit issues and techniques for CAEs and audit committees once a month. Through these online training programs and the existing offline training, members can be educated in various ways and supported their professions.

    IIA–Korea renewed the website in accordance with IIA’s governance to improve various functions for our members. Through our renewed website, our members can easily be provided a variety of up-to-date information and issues of internal audit anytime, anywhere.

    In December, IIA–Korea is going to host a virtual national conference. To make this event a success, we have built up virtual training experiences and participated in other IIA affiliates’ virtual conference including The IIA 2020 International Conference. We expect over 500 members to participate this event.

  •   IIA–Lebanon

    ​The month of May 2020 was a total lockdown in Lebanon due to COVID-19 pandemic. However, IIA–Lebanon chapter has succeeded in arranging and organizing for July 2020, its General Assembly and election of the new Board of Directors and Presidential Election, for the new term 2020–22 in a very safe environment, respecting the social distancing and all measures to ensure the safety of our members.


    • Organized one physical training and 3 webinars to members all free-of-charge, due to the economic collapse in Lebanon where organizations and members have difficulties in attending any paid webinars.
    • Organized 3 webinars so far after the COVID–19 total lockdown in Lebanon and the big tragic explosion of Beirut port on Aug. 4: “Ethical Dilemmas Beyond the Written Rules,” hosted by NDU; “Are Banks & Internal Auditors Ready for Revolutionary Digital Transformation?” hosted by BBAC Bank: and “Current Global Digital and Other Trends Disturbing The Banking Business,” hosted by Credit Libanais Bank
    • Informed members through email communications as well as by posting on the website about each month’s playback webinars organized by IIA Global to help its members be introduced to wider variety of topics as well as get the chance to obtain free-of-charge and COVID-risk-free CPE hours.
  •   IIA–Nicaragua

    ​This year 2020 has been very unexpected for everyone and it has allowed us to change the way things were done, and we have learned from that. It has also been a year that has hit us in terms of the trainings and events that were planned to be offered to membership and the general public. Even with the difficulties that were presented to us, our goal was to maintain constant training for professionals but in virtual mode as a consequence of the measures to be taken with respect to COVID-19.

    As part of this change, we have made an alliance with the Institutes of Internal Auditors of Guatemala and El Salvador to carry out joint activities and support each other. In May we developed webinars focused on various current issues and with the support of exhibitors from the United States, Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, etc.

    Additionally, we have developed a Digital Audit seminar with the support of the Chilean Institute of Internal Auditors and we are initiating the COSO certificate in November. Both events have been a success.

    We use social networks such as Facebook and LinkeIn to share information about our profession for the knowledge of all our followers.

  •   IIA–Palm Beach County Chapter
  •   IIA–Panama

    IIA-Panama: C1. First Virtual Networking

    IIA-Panama: C2. Video Conference

  •   IIA–Paraguay

    ​The Institute of Internal Auditors Paraguay has carried out an awareness campaign about the profession of internal auditing through various flyers on social networks, such as “What is auditing? International internal auditing standards” throughout the year. We held a free virtual forum on internal auditing against COVID-19 attended by 137 internal auditors from all over Paraguay, where experiences on the internal audit situation against COVID-19 were shared.

    Also with the FLAI we have sent WhatsApp stickers on the internal audit profession. And carried out other virtual courses for internal auditors to help face in this way the pandemic situation that we are currently experiencing.

    We held several free webinars with Latin American experts, including the one shown below:

    IIA-Paraguay: Impacto del COVID-19 en la Actividad de Auditoria Interna Paraguaya

  •   IIA–Philippines

    ​We executed a comprehensive campaign, despite difficulties brought about by the pandemic, that included various daily activities, such as free webinars and sessions for IIA-P members, the launch of a Facebook IIA-P Member Community, Q&A sessions with experienced and seasoned internal audit professionals (#AskAnInternalAuditor), and dissemination of free content/resources to promote internal audit as a profession, both for students and professionals.

    We also launched a fund-raising campaign for front-liners called #IIAP1withFrontliners.

    IIA-Philippines: IIAAM Facebook Profile Picture Frames

    IIA-Philippines: June 2020 to Present Photo Contest

  •   IIA–Singapore

    ​International Internal Audit Awareness Month in May is an opportunity to celebrate internal audit accomplishments and remind about the value that internal audit brings to businesses. Like most things in 2020, celebrating the value of internal audit has looked a little different this year.

    Due to its impact on companies and jobs, the COVID-19 pandemic has placed greater demands on internal auditors. IIA–Singapore recognizes that during this period of uncertainty, continuing professional development is more critical than ever, to enable members to be in a strong position to seize the opportunities that arise when the situation changes for the better.

    During the safe distancing period from April 2020 onwards, the Institute curated webinars and e-courses to provide members with virtual learning support so that they can continue to upskill and be future-ready. Some of the courses that were converted to webinars included Beyond the Basics; Tools & Techniques III: Audit Manager; Ethical Reasoning for Internal Auditor; Critical Thinking for Internal Audit, and Developing an Eagle eye to Detect Potential Fraud.

    In addition, the Institute converted in-person lunch talks to webinars which were offered to members free of charge. Over 500 attendees from Singapore, Australia, India and Taiwan had participated in these lunch webinars held from April to June 2020. Topics included Business Continuity Planning – Internal Audit’s Role; Auditing Social Media Risks; Leading in a Time of COVID-19; Managing Cyber Risks in the New Normal, and RPA Risk Management and Assurance. The Institute continues to roll out topical webinars for members, thus making it easy for them to learn from home during this period.

  •   IIA–Sweden

    ​For IIA–Sweden, this unusual situation started in March. We have done what everyone else has done, converted most of our operations in to digital events to support our members. IIA–Sweden is a very small institute and we don´t have the capacity to do much more.

    Something special and very constructive is the close cooperation between the European Chapters/Institutions. During this period we have really taken advantage of belonging to the same umbrella organization. We have promoted each other’s online trainings to be able to offer our members more training opportunities. We have also discussed different ways to help and support each other during this difficult time. IIA–Spain has released the App Sara, which has been a great tool for our members.

    In Sweden we are very proud of our national concept FIKA, which is not only a coffee break but more and something that Swedes really fancy. IIA–Sweden has started to invite members to digital FIKA for social networking.

  •   IIA–Turkey
    • ​From April through September IIA–Turkey organized 15 online free webinars for members, with a total attendance of 2,352.
    • We organized “Academic Forum 2020” online webinar with the participation of 500 people on May 29, 2020. The Forum was a full-day event with 18 speakers.
    • We produced three videos for CIA certificate candidates.
    • We launched a dedicated web page for “COVID-19 Resources” in Turkish.
    • We organized “10th Awareness Awards Ceremony” on 11 November. This year, the ceremony will be online. 13 individuals/institutions will be awarded.
    • We have continued translating Tone at the Top and Global Perspectives into Turkish.
    • We have published third issue of the academic journal, “TİDE AcademIA Journal”
    • On September 19, the establishment date of IIA–Turkey, we held a special online program for our members, during which our current chairman and founder and honorary chairman shared their experiences.
    • We moved some of our training programs into online platform.
    • In cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, we established a forest of 10,000 trees, dedicated to IIA–Turkey.
  •   UAE IAA

    ​We had an internal audit festival week during May. Included in the activities were these presentations:

    • “After COVID-19: Through the Looking Glass”
    • “Control Testing & Investigations – Considering New Test Types in the World of Big Data”
    • “The 2020s: The Decade Ahead for Internal Audit”
    • “The New Trends in Auditing the Ethical Environment”
    • “7 Things That Will Help You Ace a QA"
  •   IIA–Uganda

    ​IIA–Uganda in collaboration with the Housing Finance Bank U Ltd conducted a free webinar as one of our activities for the internal audit month of May. Over 100 participants attended the event.

    Webinar Discussion: How to Address Emerging Risks During and After COVID-19

  •   IIA–Uruguay
  •   IIA–Vancouver Chapter

    IIA-Vancouver Chapter: Internal Audit Awareness Month News

  •   IIA–Venezuela

    ​In Internal Audit Awareness Month, we:

    • Dictated 12 free webinars, with seven dedicated to topics around COVID-19, attended by more than 1,000 people.
    • Activated and grew exponentially in social networks.
    • Maintained virtual contact with all our affiliates and allies.
    • Incorporated our affiliates into a WhatsApp chat.
    • Continued to enroll members.
    • Held free discussion on the Three Lines Model.

    Also, within the framework of the 47th anniversary of the Colegio de Contadores del Estado Miranda, all the members of the Board of Directors were decorated for their contribution to the internal audit profession.

Building Awareness is year-round.
Look for news soon about the 2021 campaign.