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Meet CIA Andrea Muñoz: Letting Your Guard Down Is Not an Option

Andrea Elizabeth Rios Muñoz, CIA
Fortune 500 Retailer
Santiago, Chile

1. What prompted you to become certified?

In my region, it is not common to have certifications. However, I believe that becoming a Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) has helped me earn credibility from peers, colleagues, and clients. Additionally, the process it​self was very eye-opening. It enabled me become aware of what is happening around the globe and the expansive areas the exams covered helped me to realize that there are many tools available for internal auditors to perform our job in the best way possible.

2. What IIA certification(s) do you hold, and why did you choose to pursue it (them)? Do you plan to pursue other IIA certifications, and if so, which ones and why?

I am currently a CIA. I would like to become a CRMA because I believe that the tools this certification provides help practitioners stay abreast of changes in the profession and more effectively anticipate risks. As internal auditors, we add value by helping companies be proactive in the assessment of risks by providing the information they need to act before the risk has the chance to have a negative impact.

3. How does having an IIA certification(s) set you apart from your non-certified peers?

I think the main difference is that the certification provides me with a thirst for knowledge and continuous improvement. The primary lesson I have learned is that if I apply the same testing procedure as the last year, I am not adding value to the company or to the process.

4. How has your IIA certification(s) helped your career?

The CIA has helped me to realize the full potential of the true value that internal auditors can add to an organization.

5. Has earning the IIA certification(s) enhanced your skill level?

Absolutely. Before I became certified, I would apply audit techniques and provide recommendations based on my own experience or outdated lectures. Armed with the knowledge the certification process provided, I now have the ability to blend the hands-on experience I am gaining in my role with up-to-date tools and current, best practice knowledge.

6. What advice do you have for others who are considering obtaining an IIA certification?

Considering that I am from a country where certifications are not widespread, I advise young professionals to pursue certification and fully embrace the opportunity to learn new and challenging subject matter, especially related to IT tools and techniques.

7.  How does career planning and development play a part in your growth?

The process to become a CIA helped me to understand that being an auditor is a continuous improvement process and I am enjoying this journey.

8. What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?
Someone once told me that auditors are like a sentinel in that we must always be aware of the changes around us in order to add value and protect our organizations and its shareholders.

Andrea Elizabeth Rios Muñoz, CIA is an auditor for a Fortune 500 retailer in Santiago, Chile with almost a decade of experience. Muñoz’s passion for the profession is fueled by the continuous opportunity it provides to add value to organizations.
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