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Jepson Fuller, CIA, CPACertification Spotlight

Jepson Fuller CIA, CPA
Director, Corporate Audit , The Boeing Company
Member, Seattle - Washington

1.  What prompted you to become certified?

I had an opportunity to take on a new role in internal audit at Boeing, and getting this certification was part of a commitment our entire team has made toward upholding a standard of excellence.

2.  What IIA certification(s) do you hold and why did you choose to pursue it (them)? Do you plan to pursue other IIA certifications and if so, which ones and why?

I currently have the CIA certification because I consider it a “cornerstone” for general internal audit knowledge.

3.  How does having an IIA certification(s) set you apart from your non-certified peers?

There is a level of credibility the CIA carries with it, and whether inside or outside the company, there is a common language shared when interacting with others in the profession.

4.  How has your IIA certification(s) helped your career?

It’s a well-known benchmark that demonstrates an understanding of the profession.

5.  Has earning the IIA certification(s) enhanced your skill level?

The nice thing about the CIA certification is that it has provided me with a strong foundation for the technical understanding of internal controls so I no longer have to worry as much about developing audit acumen and can focus on understanding and learning the various areas of our business on which we provide assurance or advisory services.

6.  What advice do you have for others who are considering obtaining an IIA certification?

It’s a significant commitment of time for your personal development, and the path to achieving the certification is not easy. However, if you believe like I do that the practice of internal audit can add tremendous value to the business, it’s well worth the investment and will help you grow in the profession.

7.  How does career planning and development play a part in your growth?

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to always set aside time for personal development. Whether through certifications, work experience, or academics, learning and development have always been important to me. It is what has helped me learn the roles I have had, and prepare myself for new roles that provide growth and challenge.

8.  What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t be afraid to take on challenging assignments, and be willing to ask for help when you need it.


Jep Fuller leads a team of 35 auditors responsible for risk assessment, and planning and executing audit and advisory engagements. Before coming to corporate audit in 2014, he served as the 777 director of finance with responsibility for financial planning and cost management activities. Prior to this, Fuller was CFO for Jeppesen Sanderson Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, in Englewood, Colorado. He was director of finance for OEA, Inc., manufacturer of automotive safety devices, before joining Boeing in 2001.