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​New Program Extension for Certification Candidates

Certification candidates who are nearing the end of their four-year program eligibility window now have an opportunity to apply for an extension before their exam part(s) expire. This extension allows participating candidates who haven’t yet successfully completed their exam(s), or who have been accepted into the program but have not yet taken their exam(s), an opportunity to extend their program eligibility 12 months. Candidates who have entered one of The IIA’s certification programs initially have four years to complete their exam(s) and earn their certification.

Candidates may take advantage of The IIA’s one-time Certification Candidate Program Extension* by completing the Program Extension form in CCMS and paying the applicable fee. To view the fee, visit the Pricing Structure web page.

Note: Program extensions are no longer available for the CCSA, CFSA, and CGAP Certifications.

*This offer may not be valid in all affiliate countries. Candidates in these countries should contact their local IIA representatives.

Exam Registration Extension

Candidates also may extend their exam eligibility period with an Exam Registration Extension. This extension allows an additional 60 days to take an exam when a part has not been scheduled or after an initial appointment is cancelled. The 60 day extension is available for all examinations and will not be granted beyond a candidate’s program expiration date. Please visit the Pricing Structure web page for applicable fees.

To apply for one of these extensions, access the Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS) and visit the Complete a Form section.

Candidates from the following countries must refer to their local IIA Institute web-site or contact their local representative for more information about local certification processes:

The information contained on this website pertains to all other countries.