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​What is a Test Development Team (TDT)?

Test Development TeamA Test Development Team (TDT) is a group of internal audit professionals who meet at the chapter level to write items (exam questions) for IIA certifications – CIA, CGAP, CFSA, CCSA, CRMA. (Each member of the TDT must be certified.)

No prior writing experience is needed. Training is provided by IIA Global at no cost. Benefits include CPE for participants, CAP points for the chapter, reference materials, networking, and more.

Start or Join a TDT at Your Chapter

Frequently Asked Questions

  •   Who can participate in the TDT?

    ​Chapter members who hold an active certification (CIA, CGAP, CFSA, CRMA, CCSA). No prior writing experience is needed. Training will be provided, and participants earn free CPE.

  •   What is needed to start a TDT?
    • ​A volunteer leader (TDT champion) with organization and communication skills.
    • A meeting space for the initial training workshop.
    • 6-24 certified members who commit to attending the initial training and participating on the TDT for at least one year.
    • Online meeting capabilities offer convenience for TDT participants who may prefer to hold virtual item review sessions.
  •   Is there a cost to participate?

    ​There is no cost for the chapter or for participants. Free training is provided by IIA Global Headquarters.

  •   What are the benefits of forming a TDT?
    • ​Participants receive CPE credits for attending the initial training workshop and for items they write that are accepted by The IIA’s Global Exam Development Committee*.
    • Participants enjoy networking, collaborating, and sharing best practices.
    • The chapter earns CAP points for starting a new TDT**.
    • The chapter receives a starter library of reference materials.
    • The chapter provides an enriching CPE opportunity for members at no cost.
    • The TDT champion (volunteer chapter coordinator) can earn a prize based on the TDT performance level.

    *Writers receive 1 hour of CPE credit per accepted question. (Item writing is included under the Publications category for CPE, which allows a maximum of 10 CPEs for CIA authors and a maximum of 5 CPEs for specialty exam authors in a one-year period.)

    **Chapters may earn 10 points annually for developing a TDT or holding TDT meetings and 1 point per accepted question (no maximum).

  •   How would the TDT operate?

    ​Not all TDTs operate the same way, but in general, the process looks something like this:

    • IIA Global Headquarters provides initial training workshop to teach participants how to write exam questions (items).
    • TDT receives a quarterly “writing assignment” from IIA Global.
    • Participants write items individually.
    • Group meets to review and comment on each participant’s items. Meetings are typically held in a virtual environment and on a quarterly basis.
    • Revised items are submitted to IIA Global.
    • TDT is notified how many items were accepted, and CPE is awarded.
  •   What is the time commitment?

    ​The initial training is typically a 1½-day workshop. After that, a minimum of 4 hours each quarter is typical (approximately 2 hours for writing and 2 hours for peer review and discussion). Individual participants who choose to contribute more items may spend more time writing.

  •   What are the responsibilities of the TDT champion?

    ​The TDT Champion is the volunteer leader who coordinates TDT activities and serves as the chapter liaison with IIA Global Headquarters. This person also participates as a regular member of the TDT, so he or she must hold an active certification. The TDT champion may spend an additional 1-2 hours per quarter on duties related to coordinating the group and communicating with IIA Global. The TDT champion will:

    • Receive writing assignments from IIA Global.
    • Communicate assignments to TDT members.
    • Set a deadline by which to receive X number of items from each participant.
    • Schedule in-person or online team meetings to review the item.
    • Collect revised items from participants.
    • Submit the TDT’s collection of work to IIA Global.
    • Receive regular communications from IIA Global regarding item writing, including notifications of CPE earned.
  •   What are the benefits of serving as the TDT champion?
    • ​Earn CPE for each accepted item.
    • Earn CAP points for your chapter.
    • Hone your leadership skills.
    • Deepen your involvement with The IIA.
    • Build your professional network.
    • Collaborate with peers and share best practices.
    • Receive a starter library of reference materials for the chapter.
    • Keep up-to-date with new and existing IIA guidance.
    • Earn prizes based on the TDT’s performance level. Prizes include gift cards and credits toward the IIA Research Foundation Bookstore, IIA seminars and eLearning, and IIA conference registration.
  •   How can I start a TDT at my chapter?

    ​Identify a TDT champion and contact We will help you identify certified individuals at your chapter who qualify to participate and work with you to set up an initial training workshop.

Keys to Creating a Successful TDT

Watch this video to hear how one member started a successful TDT at her chapter.

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Contact Us

Please contact The IIA at to learn more about starting a TDT at your chapter.