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Transition Plan for CIA Candidates Who Have Not Yet Passed All Exam Parts

The Professional Certifications Board (PCB) has announced the transition plan for the CIA exam. The charts below explain the timeline of when you can register and take the new exam and how exams successfully completed under the four-part exam structure will be considered in the new three-part exam structure.

​Language ​Three-part
Exam Available
Registration Begins
Registration Ends
 Exam Ends
​English Open Open Closed Closed
​Arabic, German Open​​ Open Closed Closed
​Korean Open Open Closed Closed
​Hebrew Open Open Closed Closed
​Chinese (unsim), Czech, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish Open Open Closed Closed
​Portuguese, Polish Open Open Closed Closed
Thai Open Open Closed Closed
​Russian Open Open Closed Closed

If you have not yet registered for or passed an exam here is some information to consider during the transition phase of the CIA exam. We would like to provide you with some insight and clarity about the transition plan so that you can continue your progress toward achieving the only globally accepted internal audit credential — the CIA.

Since you have not yet taken or passed an exam part, you’re in a great position to get started today! Under the transition plan, Parts 1 and 2 in the current four-part format qualifies as Parts 1 and 2 in the new three-part format. By registering and sitting for Parts 1 and 2 prior to the launch of the new exam format, you set yourself on a solid course toward becoming a CIA. You give yourself the flexibility and opportunity to earn your CIA in either format, on a schedule that works best for you.

What Steps Should You Consider?

Because you have yet to take any exam parts, the answer is as easy as 1-2-3.

​Commit yourself to a date to complete your CIA. Choose a preparation or study program. The IIARF Bookstore has many to choose from. Register for an exam. Part 1 or Part 2 of the four-part exam will be recognized under the new three-part exam format. Either of these exams would be a great place to start!

If you have passed some parts, see the chart below or click here and enter your parts
in the Transition Planning Tool to get advice on how the transition affects you.

Before the transition,
if you have completed:​
Under the new structure,
it will count as:​
Additionally, you will
need to complete for
that requirement or part:​
Application​ Application​​ Nothing​
Part 1​ Part 1​​ Nothing​
Part 2​ Part 2​​ Nothing​
Part 3 (without Part 4)​ Part 3​

One of three options (within
six months of conversion):

Part 4 (without Part 3)​ Nothing​ New Part 3​
Both Part 3 and Part 4​ Part 3​ Nothing​
Experience Form​ Experience Form​ Nothing​
Character Reference Character Reference​ Nothing​
Education Verification​ Education Verification​​ Nothing​

CIA Four-part to Three-part Exam Content Map

Specific questions regarding your situation may be addressed to Customer Relations by
calling +1-407-937-1111 or using the Transition Planning Tool.