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​Michael J. Barrett Doctoral Dissertation Grant Recipients

Year Download ​Dissertation/Recipient
​2017 ​“The Audit Committee’s Relationship with the Internal Audit Function: Evidence from Audit Committee Charters”
Jacob Jaggi, University of Arizona
​2017 ​“The Use of Data Analytics in Internal Audit to Improve Decision-Making: An Investigation of Data Visualizations and Data Source”
Megan Seymore, MBA, CPA, University of North Texas
​2016 ​​“Exploration of the Effectiveness of the Internal Audit Function in New Zealand”
Nishaal Prasad, The University of Auckland Business School
​2015 ​“Internal Controls for External Risks: Reputational Control Theory”
Jesus Rodolfo Jimenez Andrade, Case Western Reserve University
​2014 ​“Professional Skepticism and Fraud Risk Assessment: An Internal Auditing Perspective”
Porschia Nkansa, University of Memphis
​2013 ​“The Effect of the Internal Auditor’s Dual Identities on the Ability to Identify and Assess Internal Control Weaknesses”
Ian Burt, University of Waterloo (Ontario)
​2013 ​“Does Internal Audit Function Quality Deter Management Misconduct?”
Matthew Ege, University of Texas at Austin
2012​ “The Role of Internal Audit in the Corporate Governance Process”
Sylvie Harbour, Université Laval, Québec City, Canada
​2011 ​​“When Is Computerized Continuous Auditing Less Effective at Deterring Fraud?”
George C. Gonzalez, University of Pittsburgh
​2011 ​​“The Effects of Internal Audit Report Type and Reporting Relationship on Internal Auditors’ Judgments”
Douglas M. Boyle, Kennesaw State University
2010​ "ERM: Adoption, Performance Benefits, and Disclosure Effect"
Jared Soileau, University of Memphis
2009​ "Characteristics of Internal Audits and Fraud Detection"
Kasey Martin, University of Texas at San Antonio
2008​ "The Effects of Reputation Threat and Whistle-Blowing Report Source on Chief Audit Executives’ Investigation Decisions"
Cynthia P. Guthrie, CPA, MBA, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business
2007​ ​​ "Do Controls Cause a False Sense of Security?: Biased Residual Risk Assessment and Unwarranted Risk-taking Due to Over-reliance on Control Systems"
Margaret Christ, CIA, CPIM, University of Texas at Austin
2005​ "Corporate Governance and Internal Auditing in Greece"
Andreas Koutoupis, Panteios University of Social & Political Sciences
2005​ "The Economic Effects of Section 404 of the Sarbanes- Oxley Act of 2002"
Jim Irving, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2004​ "The Impact of Section 404 on Internal Auditing"
Richard R. Clune Jr., Case Western Reserve University
2004​ "Internal Control Systems in Bulgarian Banking Corporations"
Anelia Grigorova, University of Economics-Varna, Bulgaria


Michael J. Barrett Doctoral Dissertation Grant Recipients, 1983-2003 

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