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Research Programs for Funding and Development

The IIA Research Foundation (IIARF) invites researchers throughout the world to undertake initiatives that promote thought leadership and offer innovative ideas for the internal audit profession. The IIARF recognizes that stakeholders’ needs are diverse and many of the issues of interest cannot be addressed with a singular approach.

The IIARF supports research projects and educational products.

Research projects focus on discovering cutting-edge information about the internal audit profession using academic research methods such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, case studies, literature review, and data analysis.

Educational products are designed to provide information that internal audit practitioners can use on the job and most often include “how-to” information, tools, and best practices.

As a result, the following three programs are used for conducting research and educational publications:

1. Solicited Research and Educational Product Program

The Solicited Research program is The IIARF’s strategic research program. The objective of the Solicited Research program is to sponsor research projects that address current and emerging priority issues for the internal audit profession. Solicited Research refers to research projects in which priority topics are identified and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are released at the beginning of the first quarter each year. The research team or author is selected through a competitive process.

We are currently accepting proposals for the following 2014 Solicited Research RFPs:

RFP Research-Case Studies on COSO 2013
Integrated Reporting Research RFP
RFP-Data Analytics Framework 2013

The proposal submission deadline is April 18, 2014. Topics that do not receive accepted proposal will be kept open for the calendar year.