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Content development opportunities with The IIA.
Content Development Opportunities

The IIA Research Foundation (IIARF) provides opportunities for researchers and authors around the world to develop various product types that impact the internal audit profession.

To be a vital resource for impactful internal audit and related stakeholder research, educational materials, and practical insights, The IIARF supports the development of reports for research projects and educational products.

Research projects focus on discovering new information about the internal audit profession using academic research methods such as surveys, focus groups, interviews, case studies, literature review, and data analysis. Educational products are designed to provide information that internal audit practitioners can use on the job. Educational products often include “how-to” information, tools, and best practices.

Each year, The IIARF identifies priority topics and posts RFPs to the website to solicit proposals. In addition, authors may also submit proposals on topics of their choice.

Educational Product Priority Topics

Approaches to Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Auditing
Refresh contemporary content to reflect the dynamic nature of continuous auditing and business monitoring practices in internal auditing.

Internal Auditing of Anti-corruption Programs
Distinguish how the internal audit function can design and execute anti-corruption evaluation, working with legal and compliance functions to mitigate the legal and regulatory risks involved in any such evaluation.

Providing Assurance Over Strategic Planning and Execution
Deliver an understanding of strategy development, execution, and general business planning, including setting company objectives and assurance requirements related to this. Identify tools and techniques that will assist in the auditing of strategic planning and execution.

International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) Principles
Explain the revisions made to the IPPF, focusing on the principles and their implications.

If you have a book idea and would like to submit an unsolicited proposal, please follow the Educational Product Submission Guidelines. Incomplete proposals will not be evaluated. Please read the guidelines carefully and provide the information prior to submitting your proposal. Proposals are accepted throughout the year and evaluated monthly. E-mail the full proposal to Please allow 6-8 weeks for a response.

Educational Product Submission Guidelines
Guide For Writers


If you have additional questions, please contact