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The Institute of Internal Auditors North AmericaBreadcrumb SeparatorMembershipBreadcrumb SeparatorIndividual Membership Types

The IIA offers multiple membership types for those who want to join as an individual member.

Individual Membership Types

The membership types outlined below are available only for residents in U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Bermuda, and Guyana. If you reside outside these areas, you can join here.

New Member Savings

Receive 20% off as a new member using the applicable code. Limited time only. Join today!

  • Professional Membership: NM21
  • Government/Public Sector Membership: GNM21
  • Student Membership: STU20

Specialty Audit Center Inclusion

Your IIA membership includes full access to our Specialty Audit Center resources at no additional cost. Discover a vast network of industry-specific content you can’t find anywhere else, created and curated to keep you influential, impactful, and indispensable.

Professional Member

Professionals, those with a primary internal audit role or responsibilities, can join as a professional member.

Public Sector/Government Member

This membership is for  individuals employed by a government entity (international, national, regional, or local) or a publicly controlled or funded agency, enterprise, or other entity that delivers public programs, goods, or services.

Group Membership Savings

If your organization, department, or agency has three or more auditors – professional or public sector – maximize your savings with a group membership. You + 2 = group membership savings. Learn more about the special group rates and packages.

Educator Member

Available to individuals principally employed as educators at colleges and universities.

Student Member

Open to individuals currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program who are engaged in a full-time academic schedule at a college or university. Student membership is limited to a maximum of six years.

Retired Member

Available to members who retire from active employment while in good standing with The IIA. Individuals may not join The IIA as new members under this classification.

International Member

For individuals who live outside the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Bermuda, and Guyana, and would like to retain or have access to North American membership, learn more about becoming a Member at Large.

For more information on membership please contact or +1-407-937-1111.

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Annual Dues Per Member
US US$270
Canada* US$280
US US$175
Canada* US$175
US US$145
Canada* US$150
US US$50
Canada* US$50
US US$90
Canada* US$90
Member at Large US$270
*For drafts drawn on banks outside the U.S, please add US$30 to cover bank collection charges.
 IIA Membership Brochure
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