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Enhance your experience with an IIA Specialty Audit Center.
Specialty Audit Centers

The critical issues internal auditors encounter are often unique to the industry or role within which they practice. The IIA’s Audit Centers provide a community providing instant access to fellow practitioners facing the same challenges as well as industry and role specific content.

Each Audit Center is supported by The IIA’s expert understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within each specialty. By developing targeted solutions and resources, the Audit Centers will keep you ahead of the curve on the issues that matter to you the most.

Join the Audit Executive Center.
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Today’s chief audit executives (CAEs) must lead an internal audit activity that produces insightful, proactive, and
future-focused outcomes. Developed to support CAEs in answering the demands of their evolving roles, the Audit Executive Center® empowers its members to satisfy the growing expectations of their stakeholders by providing tools and resources focused on their unique and ever-demanding role.

Join the American Center for Government Auditing.
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Auditors in the public sector face challenges unlike those in private industry—everything from scarcity of resources to changing priorities of elected officials. The American Center for Government Auditing serves public sector auditors with tools/resources in the face of increased demands for accountability by public officials and enhanced focus on government spending and continued exposure of fraud, waste, and abuse scenarios.

Join the Financial Services Audit Center.
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The needs of financial services auditors have grown in complexity as they respond to increased attention and scrutiny from legislators and regulators. If your audit team not only answers to your board and management, but also to the Federal Reserve, the OCC, the CFPB, the SEC, or state banking or insurance regulators, then the Financial Services Audit Center is designed for you.

Influential, Impactful, and Indispensable Resources

Add one of the Specialty Audit Centers to your IIA membership and gain access to premium resources developed and aggregated specifically for you and your stakeholders.

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