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Enhance your experience with an IIA Specialty Audit Center.

Maximize Your Potential With The IIA’s Specialty Audit Centers

The IIA’s Specialty Audit Centers keep you ahead of the curve on the issues that matter most to you and your stakeholders by providing cost-effective forums to network, share ideas, and get advice relative to specific industries. In addition to the benefits of your IIA membership, Center members gain access to a vast network of resources you can’t find anywhere else, created and aggregated specifically for auditors and stakeholders.

Join the Audit Executive Center.
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Audit Executive Center®

Exclusive access to information that empowers CAEs to satisfy growing demands from stakeholders, with membership levels that also provide benefits to staff members.

Already a member? Access the Center here.

Join the American Center for Government Auditing.
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American Center for Government Auditing®

Created specifically for auditors with limited resources in the public sector at all levels — local, state, federal, and quasi-governmental — whose stakeholders include the citizens and politicians.

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Join the Financial Services Audit Center.
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Financial Services Audit Center

Provides top-level resources, insights, and development opportunities for internal auditors in all the financial services industries.

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Join the Environmental Health & Safety Audit Center
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Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Center

Deepen your knowledge and stay abreast of changing regulations and requirements with The IIA’s newest center focused on the burgeoning EHS sector.

Visit the Center during the open access period.

Join the Canadian Public Sector Audit Centre.
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Canadian Public Sector Audit Centre

Offering auditors in the public sector an array of services and products to aid in their professional practice, including thought leadership, communication forums, education and more.

Already a member? Access the Center here.

Audit Center Groups

The IIA's Gaming Audit Group

Specifically for auditors in the highly regulated gaming industry with customized communications, learning opportunities, and guidance on effective internal controls. Access the group here.


Influential, Impactful, and Indispensable Resources

Add one of the Specialty Audit Centers to your IIA membership and gain access to premium resources developed and aggregated specifically for you and your stakeholders. Download the specialty center brochure:

Specialty Center Brochure

Maximize your potential. Enhance your IIA membership today!