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2016 Top Certification Scorers Recognized

The IIA honored the top scorers on its Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) certification from among more than 7,263 candidates who completed the three-part exam in 2016.

The annual IIA Certification Awards recognize the top three scores achieved on the CIA examination, the highest student score on the CIA, the top 10 and top 50 scores on the CIA, and the top score in each of four specialty examinations: Certified Government Audit Professional® (CGAP®), Certified Financial Services Auditor® (CFSA®), Certification in Risk Management Assurance® (CRMA®), and Certification in Controlled Self-Assessment® (CCSA®).

CIA Top Score Award Winners​
​Candidate Name ​Award ​Country
​Sarah Gray, CIA ​William S. Smith Award - Gold ​Canada
​Justin Mahe, CIA ​A.J. Hans Spoel Award - Silver ​USA
​Maggie Lau, CIA ​Kurt Riedener Award - Bronze ​Canada
​Tianye Zhang, CIA ​Dr. Glenn Sumners Award - Student ​China


Certificates of Excellence: The Next 10 Top CIA Scorers​
​Michael Aaron Fleischaker, CIA, USA ​Janne Poutanen, CIA, Finland
​Jennifer M. Herron, CIA, USA ​Jason D. Schanno, CIA, USA
​Sianna Koleva, CIA, Netherlands ​Christopher Siron, CIA, USA
​Andrew N. McLaughlin, CIA, USA ​Kirsten Stevens, CIA, USA
​Justin M. Moroder, CIA, USA ​Tan Yan Wen, CIA, Singapore


Highest Specialty Exam Scorers​ ​ ​
Jeffrey Kowalczyk, CGAP​ ​Philadelphia, PA ​CGAP Winner
​Callan Robert Doak, CFSA ​San Francisco, CA ​CFSA Winner
​Matthew A. Keeler, CRMA ​Atlanta, GA ​CRMA Winner
​Daniela Recknagel, CIA, CCSA ​Germany ​CCSA Winner

Learn more and access a complete list of certificate of honors that includes the top 50 CIA scorers.

About the CIA

As the only globally recognized certification for internal auditors and The IIA’s flagship credential for more than 40 years, the CIA sets the standard for excellence in the profession. Learn more.

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