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Auditing in a Frictionless World: Six Tips to Start the Journey

In his blog, IIA Vice President of Professional and Stakeholder Relations Jim Pelletier, CIA, shares his forward-looking ideas on today’s issues impacting the profession. Here's an excerpt from his latest post:

Consumers now look for instant gratification, whether via a constant push of information, instantaneous transactions on smartphones, or online shopping experiences enhanced with artificial intelligence. Email is already dated as it is replaced with the velocity and si​mplicity of text messages and tweets.

In his 1996 book "The Road Ahead," Bill Gates wrote about a future global economy based on friction-free capitalism — an economy where business, the internet, and networked devices work together to not only simplify the consumption experience but to increase consumption by providing businesses and consumers with real-time information for decision-making while minimizing barriers to the consumption process.

Read the full blog post from Jim Pelletier.