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The Institute of Internal Auditors North AmericaBreadcrumb SeparatorNewsBreadcrumb SeparatorBlog: Undermining Internal Audit With Low CAE Pay Is No Accident

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Undermining Internal Audit With Low CAE Pay Is No Accident

In his blog, IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers, CIA, QIAL, CGAP, CCSA, CRMA, shares his personal reflections and insights on the internal audit profession. Here's an excerpt from his latest post:

This summer, I have been taking the opportunity to share blogs from my archives that generated a lot of interest at the time they were published. This week, I reexamine how the internal audit function can be manipulated when its resources are compromised.

In a recent conversation, a seasoned CAE recruiter shared his frustration that a number of high-profile companies are offering below-market salaries for their CAE positions. I responded to him that I wasn't surprised. In fact, I shared my long-held view that some companies don't want a strong CAE, so they price the role accordingly. After all, "You get what you pay for."

On the surface these look like companies simply being shortsighted in trying to save money at the price of maintaining a well-run internal audit function. At worse, we're talking about benign neglect, right? Wrong. The truth is there is a much more treacherous side to this equation.

Read the full blog post from IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers.