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​ IIA’s New Global Perspectives and Insights Preps Practitioners for 5G Networks

From Advantages and Advancements to Risks and Road Blocks

As customers become increasingly accustomed to the connectivity and convenience that mobile networks offer their expectations continue to rise. Telecommunications giants are feverishly preparing to answer increased demands with the launch of the fifth generation of network technology, known as 5G, within the next two years.

While the launch of 5G has the potential to make the stuff of science fiction movies reality, like virtual surgeries where patients and doctors are miles apart, it will undoubtedly come with challenges and risks. Each exciting advantage it brings, such as the ability to communicate vastly larger amounts of data at incredible speeds, comes with an equally difficult challenge, such as how to manage and protect that data and maintain the network. Experts say 5G will be every pro and every con rolled into one package requiring risk managers to also take their performance to the next level.

The IIA’s new report Global Perspectives and Insights: 5G and the 4th Industrial Revolution, part one of a two-part series, looks at keys issues that are bound to arise once 5G is a reality. From implementation challenges, legal issues, and regulatory tests to disruptive technologies, data management, and cybersecurity concerns, the report seeks to prepare organizations for the potential impacts of 5G so they can proactively address the issues.

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The report is available to members at here.