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​IIA Releases new Global Perspectives and Insights Report

Understanding the Effects of Diversity and Inclusion on Organizations

Diversity is a broad and extremely timely topic in today’s environment. A conversation regarding diversity within an organization is worth having because significant research shows that it has a tangible impact on both workplace productivity and organizational value. In contrast, a lack of diversity is an organizational risk as relevant as any other risk worth being recognized by the internal audit activity.

This edition of Global Perspectives and Insights sheds light on how diversity impacts the workplace and affects productivity and organizational value, as well as why internal audit should be an advocate for diversity in all its forms within both its own activity and the organization as a whole.

Key Benefits:

  • Recognize the link between diversity and inclusion, the many ways organizations can view each, and the role internal audit plays in promoting them within the organization.
  • Understand how strategies and processes that promote diversity and inclusion can positively impact an organization. This includes cultural as well as financial benefits, stretching all the way from the boardroom down to the lower levels of the workforce.
  • Realize how a lack of diversity-related programs and initiatives can be a risk to an organization’s long-term goals.
  • Educate internal auditors and stakeholders on how to properly implement a diversity and inclusion-based policy while avoiding common pitfalls that might have the opposite intended effect.

The IIA partners with IIA Affiliates in more than 170 countries and territories to fulfill its mission to advance the internal audit profession and serve its more than 200,000 members globally. IIA Affiliates serve as The IIA’s exclusive representatives to collectively carry the voice of the internal audit profession, promoting high standards of ethics and professional practice in their internal audit communities.

The report is now available to IIA members.