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Internal Auditors’ Response to Disruptive Innovation

Insights and best practices to ensure emerging risks are effectively mitigated.

The Internal Audit Foundation has just released Internal Auditors’ Response to Disruptive Innovation. Based on surveys and interviews with CAEs, this research paper identifies the top technological innovations impacting internal audit and best practices for responding.  

Given the breakneck speed of change in organizations, it is imperative that internal auditors recognize, plan, and prepare for innovation and disruption in their business environment.

This report:

  • Identifies 10 of the most current innovations and disruptions occuring in the business environment.
  • Explores how internal audit functions are responding (or not responding) to this disruption.
  • Provides best practices for internal audit functions of all sizes to respond to disruptions, individually or as a whole, in a proactive manner.

This research report is available for free download.