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The Institute of Internal Auditors North AmericaBreadcrumb SeparatorNewsBreadcrumb SeparatorNew IIA Bookstore Release: Assessing and Managing Strategic Risks

​New IIA Bookstore Release

Assessing and Managing Strategic Risks:
What, Why, How for Internal Auditors

Today’s dynamic risk environment has increased the need for internal auditors to help their businesses identify, address, and manage the strategic risks facing the business. Research on internal audit stakeholders conducted as part of The IIA’s Global Internal Audit Common Body of Knowledge® (CBOK®) 2015 study confirms that executive management and directors expect and value internal audit expanding its roles to include both providing assurance over the organization’s strategic risks and assisting management to enhance their risk management processes over strategic risks.

While Assessing and Managing Strategic Risks: What, Why, How for Internal Auditors discusses key concepts and possible roles and activities for internal audit related to strategic risks, the primary focus of the book is on two key processes: the assessment of strategic risks and strategic risk management. It provides frameworks on strategy and strategic risks and a basic strategic risk assessment methodology. Also included are helpful tools such as strategy maps, risk heat maps, a strategic risk management diagnostic, and detailed process charts.

This book is designed to provide internal auditors with sound, practical advice that can better enable them to meet this critical challenge, add this dimension to their existing risk assessment processes, and learn:

  • Two key processes: Assessment of strategic risks and strategic risk management.
  • Strategy and strategic risk frameworks and tools for internal auditors.
  • How to use strategic risk management diagnostics.
  • The keys to success for assessing and managing strategic risks.
  • How to use a process chart to put knowledge into practice.

Learn more and purchase this new strategic risks assessment and management book. Visit the IIA Bookstore, powered by the Internal Audit Foundation.