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Global Perspectives and Insights 

Global Perspectives and Insights

Developed in response to a high demand for timely thought leadership that is powerful, timely, relevant, topical and responsive to global geopolitical and economic influences, The IIA created Global Perspectives and Insights. This new thought-leadership series, offers insight and direction on key issues, with perspectives that resonate globally.

5G and the Fourth Industrial Revolution Part 2

NEW! 2019 5G and the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Part II

The IIA’s new report Global Perspectives and Insights: 5G and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Part II, looks at managing in a ‘connected-everything world.’ Beyond the issues that are bound to arise once 5G is a reality, the report explores the implications for organizations and internal audit to effectively identify, evaluate, and advise on the risks of 5G. How can internal audit support a smooth transition and drive positive change? By embracing data analytics, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and other technologies.

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Previous Issues

5G and the 4th Industrial Revolution – Part I

The IIA’s Global Perspectives and Insights: 5G and the 4th Industrial Revolution, part one of a two-part series, looks at keys issues that are bound to arise once 5G is a reality. From implementation challenges, legal issues, and regulatory tests to disruptive technologies, data management, and cybersecurity concerns, the report seeks to prepare organizations for the potential impacts of 5G so they can proactively address the issues.Available in 9 languages.

Agility and Innovation

If internal auditors are to remain relevant and add real value to their organizations, their speed, flexibility, and proactive approach to problem solving must be optimized. The newest report in the IIA's Global Perspectives and Insights series, "Agility and Innovation," defines what it means to be agile and innovative in today's marketplace and how the two are interdependent. Available in 10 languages.

Top Risks Faced by Chief Audit Executives

Even the most well-prepared audit plans need to be flexible. The 2018 Global Risk Report outlines the top risks faced by CAEs: Talent Management, Data Analytics, Cyber, Regulations, and Responding to Disruption. Are your audit plans flexible and adequate to address these risks? Available in 7 languages.

Internal Audit in the Age of Disruption

By focusing on assurance, engaging with subject-matter experts, investing in training and disruptive technologies, putting new technologies to work, and providing insight into emerging risks and opportunities, internal audit may be seen as a key asset in helping the organization to harness the power of disruption. Available in 10 languages.

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