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Tone at the TopInternal Audit’s Role in an Era of Reduced Regulations

In anticipation of the Trump administration’s pro-business stance, there may be a repeal, revision, or reduction of certain business-related laws and regulations. What would the impact of these regulatory reductions be to internal audit, and how should stakeholders begin to prepare? Read the latest issue of Tone at the Top to learn more.

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April 2017 Tone at the Top

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How prepared is your internal audit function to address risks in a deregulated environment?

Latest Quick Poll Results

Latest Quick Poll Results

Each issue of Tone at the Top features a one-question Quick Poll. View the results of past Quick Polls on topics such as talent management, crisis planning, and the Three Lines of Defense.

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Tone at the Top’s Content Advisory Council comprises esteemed professionals with decades of senior management and corporate board experience. The Council advises The IIA and its editorial staff on risk and governance content most relevant to boards, audit committees, and C-suite executives.

Content Advisory Council

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​Archived Issues


Abril 2017 (Spanish/Español)
El Rol de la Auditoría Interna en una Era de Regulaciones Reducidas

February 2017
Executive Compensation: It Pays to Review

Février 2017 (French/Français​)
Rémuneration des Cadres Dirigeants: La Revue S’avère Payante

Şubat 2017


October 2016
Regulatory Roulette: Best Bets for Managing Compliance Risk

Octobre 2016 (French/Français​)
La Roulette en Matière De Réglementation ? De Meilleures Propositions pour Gérer le Risque de Non-conformité

Octubre 2016 (Spanish/Español)
¿Ruleta Regulatoria? Su Mejor Apuesta para Gestionar el Riesgo de Cumplimiento

Ekim 2016 (Turkish/Türkçe)
Mevzuat Ruleti? Uygunluk Riskini Yönetmek İçin En İyi Bahisler

August 2016
CEO and Chairman: Are Two Heads Better Than One?

Août 2016 (French/Français)
Président du Conseil d’Administration et Directeur Général : est-il préférable d’avoir deux dirigeants plutôt qu’un ?

Agosto 2016 (Spanish/Español)
Director Ejecutivo (CEO) y Presidente: ¿Son Dos Cabezas Mejores Que Una?

Ağustos 2016 (Turkish/Türkçe)
Genel Müdür ve Yönetim Kurulu Başkani (Başkan): İki Baş Bir Baştan Daha Mi İyidir?

June 2016
Unlocking the Value: How Audit Committees Can Leverage Internal Audit

Junio 2016 (Spanish/Español)
Liberar el Valor: Cómo los Comités de Auditoría Pueden Potenciar a Auditoría Interna

Haziran 2016 (Turkish/Türkçe)
Değer Kilidini Açmak: Denetim Komiteleri İç Denetimden Daha Fazla Nasil Yararlanabilirler?

February 2016
More Than Just Setting the Tone: A Look at Organizational Culture

Febrero 2016 (Spanish/Español)
Mucho Más Que Fijar el Tono:
Una Mirada a la Cultura Organizacional

Subat 2016 (Turkish/Türkçe)
Sadece Üst Seviye Yönetsel Yaklasimi Olusturmaktan Daha Fazlasi: Kurumsal Kültüre Bir Bakis


December 2015
Beyond the Numbers: The New World of Nonfinancial Reporting

Deciembre 2015 (Spanish/Español)
Más Allá de los Números: El Nuevo Mundo de Informes no Financieros

Aralık 2015 (Turkish/Türkçe)
Sayilarin Ötesi: Mali Olmayan Raporlamanin Yeni Dünyasi

September/October 2015
Whistleblowers: What the Board Needs to Know

Septiembre/Octubre 2015 (Spanish/Español)
Denunciantes: Lo que la Junta Directiva Necesita Saber

July/August 2015
Internal Auditing Standards: Why They Matter

Julio/Agosto 2015 (Spanish/Español)
Normas De Auditoría Interna: ¿Por qué son Importantes?

Temmuz/Agustos 2015 (Turkish/Türkçe)
İç Denetim Standartlari: Neden Önemlidir?

March/April 2015
Reputation Rx: What to Do When It's You

Marzo/Abril 2015 (Spanish/Español)
Reputación Rx: ¿Qué Hacer Cuando es Usted?

Mart/Nisan 2015 (Turkish/Türkçe)
Itibar Reçetesi: Sira Size Geldiginde Ne Yapmali?

January/February 2015
Tactful Skepticism: What You Need to Know

Enero/Febrero 2015 (Spanish/Español)
El Escéptico Discreto

Ocak/Şubat 2015 (Turkish/Türkçe)
Kİbar Şüphecİ


November/December 2014
Cybersecurity: They’re in. Now what?

Noviembre/Deciembre 2014 (Spanish/Español)
Cyberseguridad: Están adentro. ¿Ahora qué?

Kasım/Aralık 2014 (Turkish/Türkçe)

August/September 2014
Compliance Overload: 5 Steps to Taming the Beast

Agosto/Septiembre 2014 (Spanish/Español)
Sobrecarga de Cumplimiento: 5 Pasos para Domar a la Bestia

Ağustos/Eylül 2014 (Turkish/Türkçe)
Uygunluk Aşırı Yüklemesİ: Canavarı Terbİye Etmenİn 5 Adımı

June 2014
Sustaining an Ethical Culture

Junio 2014 (Spanish/Español)
Sostener una Cultura Ética

Haziran 2014 (Turkish/Türkçe)
Bir Etik Kültürünü Sürdürmek

April 2014
Managing Third-party Risks​

Abril 2014 (Spanish/Español)
Gestión de Riesgos de Terceros

Nisan 2014 (Turkish/Türkçe)
Taşeron Rİsklerİnİn Yönetİmİ

February 2014
Cybersecurity: Keeping IP Under Lock and Key​

Febrero 2014 (Spanish/Español)
Seguridad cibernética: Manteniendo la Propiedad Intelectual bajo llave

Şubat 2014 (Turkish/Türkçe)
SiberGüvenlik: Ip’yi (Fikri Haklari) Kilit Altina Almak


December 2013
All Hands on Deck: Partnering to Fight Fraud

Diciembre 2013
Todos Manos a la Obra: Asociándonos para Luchar contra el Fraude

October 2013
7 Tips for Governing Social Media

Octubre 2013 (Spanish/Español)
7 Tips Para Gobernar los Medios Sociales

August 2013
Big Data: Collect It, Respect It

Agosto 2013 (Spanish/Español)
Grandes Datos: Recopílelos, Respételos

June 2013
Keep Your Eye on the Talent

Junio 2013 (Spanish/Español)
Mantenga Sus Ojos en el Talento

April 2013
Prepared for a Crisis?

February 2013
Risk Management: Easy as 1... 2... 3


December 2012
Eight Priorities for 2013

October 2012
The Value of Independence

August 2012
Shining a Light on Corruption

June 2012
Strong Links for Effective Risk Management

April 2012
Ethical Dilemmas

February 2012
Rest Assured


December 2011
Below the Surface

September 2011
Taking the Job Seriously

May 2011
A View from the Top

March 2011
Soft and Strong: A Best-practice Paradox


November 2010
What's Your Definition of Value?

August 2010
What GRC Could Mean to Your Organization

May 2010
We Need to Talk

February 2010
A Culture of Risk


November 2009
What's on Your (Corporate) Conscience?

August 2009
A New Level of Audit Committee Involvement