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Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership (QIAL)

Building the Leaders of Tomorrow, Today.

Today, growth and change in the internal auditing field is demanding a new type of leader — one who drives a high performing audit team while delivering value by consistently addressing stakeholder needs, top-down risks, and expectations of an evolving marketplace. The IIA has developed the Qualification in Internal Audit Leadership™ (QIAL™) to support you on this journey to be the next generation of visionaries for the profession.

So whether you’re an aspiring leader or an audit executive (AE), the QIAL is the right qualification for the next stage in your career progression.

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Addressing the MUST-HAVE Skills for a
Successful Leadership Role

QIAL Skill Focus​ ​Skills Mastered
​Internal Audit Leadership ​Leading staff, resources, strategy, planning, and quality assurance
​Organizational Leadership ​Providing insights into organizational governance, risk, and control and influencing corporate thinking
​Ethical Leadership ​Championing professional conduct standards, stewardship of resources, and social responsibility
​Innovation and Change Leadership ​Effecting change and process improvement while adopting leading practices in internal audit

Is This for Me?

If you are aspiring to be a leader in your organization or looking to add credibility to your current leadership role with stakeholders and peers, the QIAL will help you build and enhance skills to further establish your credibility as a leader of the future.

Aspiring Leader – New Leader

The QIAL empowers talented aspiring internal audit leaders to achieve their full potential by demonstrating skills proven to be key indicators of success specific to internal audit leadership.

Experienced Leader

The QIAL helps position current audit executives as leaders of the future who embody the ethics and possess the innovation and strategic thinking ability to face the evolving landscape of risk. QIAL will sharpen the essential skills that have brought you success and develop new ones to solidify future achievements. The program is customized based upon interests and years of experience.

Eligibility Requirements and Steps to Achieving the QIAL

The QIAL is for Aspiring Leaders, New Leaders and Experienced Leaders. Candidates must be accomplished in their current position to enter the QIAL program.

Find the QIAL Pathway that meets your level of experience below:
QIAL Eligibililty Chart
For additional eligibility information, expanded eligibility definitions, and information on the new Experienced Instructor Path, visit the Eligibility Requirements page.

QIAL Method and Steps to Achievement

As a QIAL candidate, you’ll work with an assigned panel of accomplished senior audit executives to give you highly focused feedback and coaching. You’ll make a presentation based upon case information or your own experiences. The knowledge and skills you develop are directly linked to The IIA’s latest Competency Framework. Although in-person sessions are beneficial, if schedules don’t permit, web-based meetings are available.

QIAL Steps to Achievement

Methodology Description

QIAL Methodology​ ​Description ​Time
Three Case Studies​ ​Candidates critically analyze an extensive set of complex information and produce a written response providing penetrating insights for a senior-level audience. ​3 – 4 hours per case study
Portfolio of Professional Experience​ ​Experienced AEs may opt to replace the three case- study exams and document their own professional experience with supporting evidence.
Presentation ​Candidates present to a senior-level panel on a set topic followed by a question and answer session. ​20 minutes
Interview​ ​A panel interview draws upon personal and professional experience. ​90 minutes

QIAL Investment

Member Nonmember
Application US$250 US$300
Case Study (or experience portfolio) unit 1 US$450 US$600
Case Study (or experience portfolio) unit 2 US$450 US$600
Case Study (or experience portfolio) unit 3 US$450 US$600
Presentation US$950 US$1,150
Interview US$1,450 US$1,750

Access CCMS to begin the application process or contact for more information.

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QIAL Scheduling 2015

Panel Presentation and Interview Dates

Vancouver, Canada, July 4-5
Phoenix, AZ, August 16

Contact to inquire about availability and scheduling.

Presentations and interviews also available by web conferencing. Please inquire.

2015 Case Studies Assessment Windows
Jun. 1-30      Oct. 1-31

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