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Pulse of Internal Audit

Pulse of Internal Audit

Since 2009, The IIA’s Audit Executive Center has conducted annual Pulse of Internal Audit surveys to assess the state of the internal audit profession and identify trends and emerging issues in the profession and with its stakeholders.

The 2016 Global Pulse of Internal Audit survey is now open and focuses on:

  • Auditing culture,
  • Monitoring technology risks associated with big data and cybersecurity,
  • Internal audit’s involvement in the organization, and
  • Nonfinancial reporting.Participate Now

The survey closes May 27.

Time to Move Out of the Comfort Zone
Publication date: February 2016

2016 North American Pulse of Internal Audit: Time to Move Out of the Comfort ZoneThe 2016 North American Pulse of Internal Audit report from The IIA’s Audit Executive Center® focuses on areas where changes in the business environment, changes in technologies, and changes in people are affecting the risk environment for organizations.

How are internal auditors keeping up with these changes? In a bygone era, audit professionals carved out a comfort zone focused on financial and operational risks. The results from the survey highlight opportunities for internal audit to move out of the comfort zone.

Embracing Opportunities in a Dynamic Environment
Publication date: July 2015

Pulse of Internal AuditEmerging risk is not slowing down … it’s accelerating. And CAEs are expected to adapt quickly to addressing those risks. The 2015 Global Pulse of Internal Audit report analyzes data from more than 4,500 CAEs and directors from around the world to provide a look at the challenges and opportunities present for internal audit in today’s dynamic business environment and identifies four major themes CAEs must have on their radar.

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