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Audit Intelligence Suite 

Audit Intelligence Suite

As an exclusive product developed by The IIA, the Audit Intelligence Suite (formerly Global Audit Information Network® [GAIN®] Benchmarking) was designed with internal auditors in mind. The suite of services features stakeholder surveys, individual and team skills assessments, and benchmarking capabilities — offered a la carte or bundled.

When a team of internal audit business intelligence experts set out to create the Audit Intelligence Suite, Powered by the AEC, they wanted to provide a premium solution that is:

  1. Smart – provide valuable information.
  2. Sensible – ensure information is actionable.
  3. Simple – package the suite of products in one place.

As all high-performing and self-assessing CAEs know — from past behaviors, preferences, and performance comes predictions, recommendations, and rewards. Once you know the results, you’ll better know how to refine your function.

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