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Optimize Opportunities: Leverage an External Quality Assessment


The IIA provides a variety of resources to our members for improving the quality of internal audit. These valuable tools include models, samples, and step-by-step guides.

Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP) Practice Guide

Path to Quality (PTQ)

The PTQ provides a framework for the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) to assess the current state of the internal audit activity's quality capability, target an appropriate level of quality capability for the internal audit activity, and lay out the steps along a path for the internal audit activity to reach its quality capability target.

Path to Quality

Sample Request for Proposal

This document provides a sample request for an external quality assessment proposal that can be downloaded and modified for use by organizations when seeking assessment services from various potential providers.

Sample Request for Proposal

Advanced Preparation Tools

The Quality Assessment Advanced Preparation is a comprehensive questionnaire, completed by or under the supervision of the CAE, that provides specific information about the organization and internal audit staff. Using this tool, the assessment team can often identify strengths and potential opportunities for improvement in the organization.

The Self-assessment with Independent Validation follows a process similar to the Quality Assessment, however, the self-assessment component is performed by competent internal audit professionals under the direction of the CAE. This guide provides information on the methodology for performing a self-assessment for future validation by an external assessor.