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Optimize Opportunities: Leverage an External Quality Assessment

IIA Quality Services

An organization benefits from an external assessment because it allows the internal auditors to state that their activity “conforms to the International Professional Practice Framework of Internal Auditing." It also builds stakeholder confidence by documenting management's commitment to quality and successful leadership practices, and the internal auditors' mindset for professionalism. An external assessment provides evidence to the board, management, and staff that the audit committee and the internal audit activity adds value through improving an organization's operations and contributing to the attainment of objectives.

IIA Quality Services Is Here to Support Your Assessment Process

The goal of IIA Quality Services, LLC is to help validate and strengthen internal audit activities and enhance effectiveness, efficiency, and successful practice implementation.

The value proposition is delivered by using qualified audit professionals, a global benchmarking database, and a repository of successful practices. As a trusted source in the profession, IIA Quality Services provides cost-effective external assessments to organizations of all sizes. We have helped hundreds of organizations in various industries and around the world by conducting external assessments, and we can do the same for you.

IIA Quality Services can help you and your internal audit activity maintain a solid Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP) and determine the most appropriate external assessment approach to enhance conformance with the Standards, either through an independent team quality assessment, self-assessment with independent validation, or even a readiness assessment

IIA Quality Services can assist the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) in gaining support from the audit committee, enhance understanding of why an external assessment is necessary and valuable, and describe the different approaches. It is important to obtain board approval for the external assessment approach.

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If you have questions about your Quality Assurance and Improvement Program or would like IIA Quality Services to conduct an external assessment, please contact IIA Quality Services at or call +1-407-937-1399.

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Insights to Quality

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Varun Laroyia, vice president of internal audit for Johnson Controls, talks about the Standards requirement to have an external quality assessment performed. Is it really worth it?


"Additional benefits qualified
external parties can bring to
your audit function are their experiences, leading practices,
and value-added processes they
have exposed to through conducting QAs in other internal audit shops."

JC Penney      

"... through the QA process...
we have embedded quality into
the mindset and daily operations
of our internal audit activity, and
the company as a whole."

China National Offshore Oil Company and Shell Petrochemicals Co. Ltd. (CSPC)