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Every member makes a difference.

Can We Count On Your Support?Donate to The IIA Research Foundation

Every member’s support counts when it comes to internal audit research and education!

So when you commit to the future of your profession by donating to one of The IIA’s Foundations, rest assured that your support COUNTS.

When you add it all up, your donation empowers internal auditors to add more value across the board.

  • On average, The IIA Research Foundation (IIARF) invests $300,000 annually to develop and publish research reports, educational products, tools, and resources specifically for internal audit practitioners. These projects help expand the global profession of internal auditing and empower practitioners to enhance their performance.
  • The IIA’s Internal Auditing Academic Advancement Fund (IAAAF) currently supports programs within 46 universities worldwide. Since its inception in 2006, the IAAAF has been able to award more than $1.2 million in grants to universities around the globe to fund resource libraries, educator and student development, and scholarships for IAEP students.

The impact these resources have on the individual internal auditor is tremendous. However, the impact The IIA’s Foundations’ work has on the profession as a whole is incalculable.  It is only made possible because of your charitable donations — not member dues.

Make your tax-deductible donation and count yourself among The IIA members who are making a difference for the entire profession.

Every Member Counts!

Donors speak on the importance of their involvement with The IIA's Research Foundation.

Donate to The IIA Research Foundation