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The IIA's Standards Awareness Campaign
Focused Resources and Training

As an internal auditor, you are tasked with making sense in an increasingly imperfect world. You rely on a framework of principles and standards to follow in order to enhance and protect organization value. That is why The IIA’s global experts develop, document, and deliver Standards related training and resources to help all internal auditors align and become more effective.

The IPPF: The Framework for Internal Audit Effectiveness

Learn how the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) is evolving to effectively support the profession and meet the many challenges ahead by addressing the following:

An ever-changing business environment.
Accelerating risks associated with change.
Clearly articulated principles.
Principles-based standards.
Timely guidance that acknowledges & anticipates changes.

Mandatory Guidance Implementation Guidance Supplemental Guidance

Mandatory Guidance

Find out if you are aligned with the updated International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.

Implementation Guidance
Recommended Guidance

Get the assistance you need to apply the Standards with recommended guidance for approach, methodologies, and considerations.

Supplemental Guidance
Recommended Guidance

Add assurance with guidance examples on sector-specific issues, processes and procedures, programs, and approaches.

The IPPF 2017 Update Quality Assessment Manual Breaking Down the Standards

New Red Book Is Ready!

The IIA's new Red Book has all you need to know about the recent Standards revisions. With input from auditors around the world, it's the resource you need to be well "red."

Revised, Aligned & Refined

This new edition aligns with the 2017 IPPF, providing tools to streamline your QAIP process — from collection and analysis through final report prep.

Breaking Down the Standards

Learn the types of toxic leaders and how to identify, and mitigate, the unhealthy behaviors that may undermine the organization.

Standards Training

Standards Training
Courses, Webinars, and Executive Development

The IIA knows that aligning to a Standards-based internal audit practice needs to fit into an imperfect world of stakeholder expectations and personal schedules. That is why we offer training options:

The Standards of Internal Audit OnDemand Course
Audit Reports – Communicating Assurance Results OnDemand Course
Guidance Webinar: Coping With Ethical Pressures
What You Need to Know Now About the Revised Standards Webinar
Vision University
Performing an Effective Quality Assessment