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Newly Released IPPF Guidance

The following guidance was recently released by The IIA:

Implementation Guides

NEW! Implementation Guide 1010: Recognition of the Definition of Internal Auditing, the Code of Ethics, and the Standards in the Internal Audit Charter, July 2016
NEW! Implementation Guide 2500: Monitoring Progress, July 2016
NEW! Implementation Guide 2600: Communicating the Acceptance of Risks, July 2016

Practice Guides

NEW! Internal Audit and the Second Line of Defense, January 2016
NEW! Talent Management, December 2015

Implementation Guidance/Practice Advisories Supplemental Guidance/Practice Guides are restricted to IIA members only.

Non-members may purchase Implementation Guidance/Practice Advisories and Supplemental Guidance/Practice Guides from The IIA Research Foundation Bookstore.

New IPPF Resources
Educate staff, colleagues, and stakeholders on these changes by utilizing these tools:

The 2013 Red Book is still a useful and binding reference source as a majority of the content has not changed and remains valid. The IIARF Bookstore is exploring an online tool with searchable, on-demand access to all IPPF content. Learn more in the FAQs.