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2018 CRMA Application Fee Waiver

Fleecing the Crowd

Despite crowdfunding's good intentions, some campaigns may be raising money for fraud.
What started as a feel-good story has turned into accusations of fraud. An October 2017 story about a homeless veteran who gave his last $20 to a couple whose car had run out of gas prompted the couple to launch a crowdfunding campaign that raised $400,000 to help the man. The problem is he didn't receive the money.

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Violating The IIA’s Code of Ethics: A Scenario to Consider, Part 4

Violating The IIA’s Code of Ethics: A Scenario to Consider, Part 4

Sally-Anne Pitt, Managing Partner, Pitt Group, walks us through a scenario and determines if The IIA’s principles concerning integrity and competency are being violated on Audit Channel.
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