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The CAE Resource Guide

IIA’s Centralized Source for Tools, Topics, and Resources

The most comprehensive and up-to-date list of resources for guidance, knowledge sharing, publications, certifications, training, events, and more.

CIA Your Roadmap to Success

The CIA is the road to more.

As the only globally recognized certification for internal auditors and The IIA’s premier designation for more than 40 years, the CIA sets the standard for excellence in the profession. The CIA distinguishes you from your peers and demonstrates proficiency and professionalism. Plus, CIA’s earn on average $38,000 more annually than those without a certification.*

Learn how you can save now as a member!

Risk COSO Audit Committee

Risk Resource Exchange

Today’s business environment is characterized by mounting pressures for stronger, more effective risk management. The Risk Exchange provides useful tools and resources, including the latest news and developments on risk issues, creating a global forum for the aggregation and sharing of knowledge. Access now.

COSO Resource Exchange

Access the latest news, resources, tools, knowledge sharing, and training to support your implementation efforts of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) Internal Control–Integrated Framework (2013) and Enterprise Risk Management–Integrated Framework (2004). Access now.

Stakeholder Resource Exchange

The critical connection between audit committee effectiveness and internal auditing mandates that committee members maintain an in-depth understanding of internal audit best practices and how their internal audit activity is functioning. Access tools and resources to manage your relationship more effectively. Access now.

CBOK Resource Exchange

CBOK Resource Exchange

Access the latest reports and tools to support your efforts in validating and benchmarking trends and emerging issues based on the largest and most comprehensive ongoing study of the internal audit profession. More than 25 free reports are now available. 

Access now.

Talent Management Leadership Development Trusted Advisor

Talent Management

A majority of your success lies with your team, so talent management plays a key role in your effectiveness. With talent shortages and higher demands, talent retention and recruitment strategies are critical to meet the demands of your stakeholders.

What Is Your Plan to Retain and Recruit
Top Talent?

Access these resources and tools to help you maintain a strong team.

Leadership Development

As you move up in your career, how are you demonstrating and developing your leadership skills for that next role? CAEs are looking for emerging leaders who bring innovative solutions that cultivate insightful, proactive, and future focused leadership thinking.

Are You Capitalizing on Your Leadership

Access these resources and tools to help you to become the leader of tomorrow.

Trusted Advisor

For your key stakeholders to view you as a trusted advisor, you need a strong grasp of your organization’s key business strategies and goals with a keen focus on risk. Trust advisors have the insights and confidence to say what needs to be said.

Are You Viewed as a Strategic Leader and Do You Have a Seat at the Table?

Access these resources and tools to help you to become the trusted advisor.

Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives and Insights

Developed in response to a high demand for timely thought leadership that is powerful, timely, relevant, topical, and responsive to global geopolitical and economic influences, The IIA created Global Perspectives and InsightsAccess now.

Auditing Culture Strengthening Your Core  Study Essentials

Auditing Culture

The increasing need to audit corporate culture requires an understanding of effective strategies and practical considerations for internal auditors. Our suite of insights and resources provides a solid foundation to understand the importance of performing a culture audit, as well as techniques for gaining support from leadership.

Access our tools and resources to help you tackle your organization’s culture risks.

The Fundamentals: Strengthening Your Core

The core fundamentals are critical in establishing yourself and staff as the premier internal audit experts. Instituting a common foundation of skills and knowledge related to the internal audit standards as well as best practices allows you to keep track of relevant issues and be equipped with the skills to drive results.

Access these tools to support your core.

Earning Your CIA: Study Essentials

As you embark on earning the premier designation for internal audit, preparation to meet the standard for excellence can be a daunting task. The IIA has an array of resources and tools to help you pass all three exam parts.

Access these tools and resources to support your journey to earn your CIA.