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The IIA Risk Resource Exchange 

Risk Resource Exchange

Today’s business environment is characterized by mounting pressures for stronger, more effective risk management. There is a sharp focus on risk oversight, considered by many observers to be the top governance issue facing corporate boards in this continuously evolving world. Audit committees are pushing for holistic risk management, stepped-up risk mitigation, and enterprisewide risk assessments. The IIA has developed the Risk Resource Exchange: a comprehensive resource for professionals around the globe on risk guidance, publications, training, events, and more.

Latest News & Resources

COSO ERM Certificate Program

COSO ERM Certificate Program

The complexity of enterprise risk has changed; new risks and responsibilities have emerged. Earning the COSO ERM Certificate helps you navigate the unknown. Learn the concepts and principles of the newly updated ERM Framework from the experts and prepare to integrate that framework into your organization’s strategy. The ERM Framework helps management understand their duties for managing risk and drive business performance.

Register today.

COSO ERM: Getting Risk Management Right

COSO ERM: Getting Risk Management Right

The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) recently published an update to its 2004 COSO ERM framework. The name of the 2017 version says it all: Enterprise Risk Management–Integrating With Strategy and Performance. Risk management is all about strategy and performance.

Read more.

Global Perspectives and Insights: Artificial Intelligence

Special Edition: Artificial Intelligence — Considerations for the Profession of Internal Auditing

This special edition of Global Perspectives and Insights explores the internal audit’s role in Artificial Intelligence by discussing associated risks and opportunities. The paper also introduces an AI Auditing Framework comprised of six components, all set within the context of an organization’s AI strategy.

Access now.

General Audit Management Conference 2017

Secrets to Audit Success Will Be Revealed

For 38 years, The IIA has provided the essential experience for audit executives to be influential, indispensable, and informative. But starting on March 12, 2018, Las Vegas is going to be THE place Where Leaders Evolve. The tradition of excellence will continue with innovation and impact. All secret-seeking internal auditors will be stepping out of their comfort zone.

Learn more.

Chambers on the Profession

7 Signs You Might Be a "Jurassic Auditor"

"The best and brightest professionals embrace evolution and leverage new strategies and tactics to enhance their effectiveness," writes IIA President and CEO Richard Chambers. "The same is (or should be) true of internal audit professionals." In his latest blog, Chambers presents seven obsolete characteristics and practices of the "Jurassic auditor."

Access at Internal Auditor online.

Tone at the Top: Internal Audit's Role in Assuring Accurate Board Information

Internal Audit’s Role in Assuring Accurate Board Information

For boards of directors to ensure their organizations achieve objectives, they must have good, reliable information on which to base critical decisions involving strategy, finances, and risks, among other things. While internal audit’s role traditionally has been after the fact, it must contribute at the front end of the board process as well, by assessing the risk of the board failing to understand business issues or making inadequate decisions based on the quality of the information available.

Download the new issue and share it with your audit committee.

Crisis Resilience

Help Your Organization Move from Crisis Aware to Crisis Resilient

Are you among the 39 percent of recent survey respondents who said they have no plan to address reputational risks? Find out how to prepare your organization to resist, react to, and recover from a crisis in the latest Global Perspectives and Insights report on Crisis Resilience. Download your copy.

Global Technology Audit Guide: Understanding and Auditing Big Data

Guidance: Understanding and Auditing Big Data

Big buzz around big data these days means internal audit must wrap its arms around the topic to aid organizations in its proper use, security, and controls. This new GTAG helps you understand big data technologies and define the scope and activities an audit should undertake.

Download this and other new guidance from The IIA now.

Insights to Quality: Strategic Planning

Insights to Quality: Strategic Planning

Internal audit’s mission is “To enhance and protect organizational value by providing risk-based and objective assurance, advice, and insight.” High-performing audit activities have one successful practice in common: a strategic plan, different from an internal audit plan.

Download Insights to Quality to create and implement your strategic plan.

Pulse of Internal Audit 2017

Overlooked Risk Areas; The Ultimate Confidence-killers

How can you instill confidence? CAEs who lead with courage not only address emerging risks, but also focus on critical risks that may have been around for a long time and simply fallen just below, or somehow dropped off, the radar. Find out what these risks areas are and how to address them in this year’s North American Pulse of Internal Audit report.

Download the 2017 report now.

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Interested in learning about current risk trends impacting the internal audit profession? Click the box above to access The IIA’s Risk Resource Exchange archive of published guidance and publications on risk. Interested in obtaining the latest risk management tools and resources? Click the box above to access The IIA’s Risk Resource Exchange archive of tools and resources available to you on the topic of risk and risk management. Interested in obtaining the Certification in Risk Management Assurance? Click the box above to learn more about the program and obtain the certification that will demonstrate your experience and expertise in risk management.
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