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Better Serve Your Organization by Becoming a Trusted Advisor 

Trusted Advisor

Providing assurance on organizations’ core functions, auditors have been involved in advising boards on key strategic initiatives, with some enjoying the status of trusted advisor. That is both a recognition that traditional audit work is not enough on its own to help the business execute its strategy in the face of emerging risks, and a realization that internal auditors can do more.

The IIA provides perspectives, insights, services, tools, and resources to support your needs of establishing trust, so use this resource page to help build your profile with stakeholders.

Tone at the Top

Data Governance: What Directors Need to Know Now

The latest issue of Tone at the Top explores the vast, relatively new landscape of data governance and offers guidance on what boards and directors need to know and do now to ensure their approach to data governance positions their organizations for success.

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A Voice in the Boardroom

A Voice in the Boardroom

As businesses face a growing range of external threats, internal audit’s remit has expanded. In light of shifting expectations, to what extent should a CAE report to other board committees — or even to the full board? And for those wishing to explore that route, how can they get the audience and credibility to play this enhanced role?

Resources and Services Certifications/Qualifications Conferences and Courses

Resources and Services

The IIA provides a variety of professional services and tools along with practitioner consultants who understand the nuances of your ever-demanding role:


By pursuing a certification, you are establishing a reputation of integrity, dedication, and commitment to the profession and your organization:

Conferences and Courses

Through high-quality internal audit learning online or in-person, educate you on relevant issues and equip you with the skills and competencies you need to drive results:


Access the essential core educational resources to enhance your work:

The Speed of Risk: Lessons learned on the Audit Trail, 2nd EDITION
The Evolving Role of the CAE: Taking on Compliance and ERM
Trusted Advisors: Key Attributes of Outstanding Internal Auditors
Strategic Risks Management Book
Become a Strategic Internal Auditor: Tying Risk to Strategy
Collaborative Auditing
Engaging Third Parties for Internal Audit Activities: Strategies for Successful Relationships
Internal Auditing: Uncover the Myths, Discover the Value