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Kick-start Your Career Development Plan!

Invest in Yourself — Plan Ahead

Whether you already have a comprehensive career development plan in place, you haven't started building one, or you are somewhere in between, there are steps you can take now to invest in your future by investing in yourself.

Here's the essential checklist to develop and maintain your personalized development plan, so you are committed throughout the year and going beyond the minimum 40 hour investment.

Annual Career Development Checklist

  • Align Your Personal Goals to Your Company's Goals: Bring in perspective how you can impact the organization.
  • Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses and Align With Your Team's Strengths and Weaknesses: This can help you better collaborate and leverage resources.
  • Ask Your Boss for More Time and Resources for Development: If you don't ask, you'll never know. Ask for more resources and you might get what you want.
  • Make Time for Development With Deadlines Throughout the Year: Time-blocking during your work day, or dedicating time at night or a weekend makes it consistent; however, make sure the plan you develop is a realistic one you are able to maintain.
  • Make Networking and Development a Standard Part of Your Day-to-Day Routine: There's a network of opportunities right in your office or neighborhood that can result in a quick win or per­ haps another job down the road.
  • Track, Measure, and Report Your Development and Share it With Your Boss and Colleagues: When you share what you are doing, it can open doors to learning from others, best practices, as well as demonstrating your commitment
  • Tighten Up Your Resume and Linkedln Profile: Keep your profile fresh and reflective of where you are in your career, even if you are not seeking employment with another organization. Internal job opportunities might arise and the perfect job might just knock on your door.

No matter where you are in your career, these tools support your journey: