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The CAE Strategic Framework

The CAE Strategic Framework

The CAE Strategic Framework establishes a strategy within the context of current professional practices and is the roadmap for the path to CAE success.

With it, the CAE is able to align internal audit with the enterprise, assure success in an uncertain environment, and improve performance.

Value of a Strategy

  • Align internal audit with the enterprise.
  • Assure success in an uncertain environment.
  • Improve performance.
  • Stimulate creative thinking.

Elements of the CAE Strategic Framework

  • Establish strategy within the context of current professional practices.
  • Confirm needs of client and manage the relationship.
  • Understand the underpinnings of process excellence: risk and control frameworks, risk management, governance, assurance processes, consulting processes, reporting, and follow-up.
  • Acknowledge leadership approaches required.
  • Ensure human resources are appropriate.
  • Leverage technology to meet strategic goals.
  • Monitor all elements of the strategy for success.

The International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF)

  • The IPPF forms the context for the CAE Strategic Framework.
  • The course examines ways to respond to risk management and governance requirements of the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards).

Client Relationships

  • Use the identification of client constituencies and their diverse needs to inform all elements of the integrated framework.
  • Manage conflicting client needs and expectations.

Process Excellence

  • Integrate risk models under role of internal audit in governance.
  • Ensure that internal audit's own assurance and consulting processes enhance governance and risk management.
  • Communicate to the audit committee and other constituencies the intent, nature, and substance of the work.


  • Use marketing, "branding," and personal influence to position internal audit as a key component of the organization's success and longevity
  • Establish actual and perceived independence.
  • Establish yourself as a leader, not only in internal audit, but in the organization at large.

Human Resources

  • Align the competencies of internal auditors and adjunct professionals with process excellence and with client needs and expectations.
  • Ensure that internal auditors have the requisite competencies.
  • Staff engagements creatively, tapping internal and external exprtise
  • Groom the next generation of both internal audit and organization leadership.


  • Leverage technology to enhance the CAE Strategic Framework.


  • Monitor the elements of the CAE Strategic Framework in a balanced and realistic way.
  • Use measurements to calibrate the framework.


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CAE Strategic Framework