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Mike Jacka 2013 All Star Conference

Why Attend the 2013 All Star Conference?

Over the years, I've had the opportunity to attend a lot of different IIA conferences. International, Governance, Risk, Best Practices, Small Audit Shop, Gaming, GAM, Regional — you name the IIA conference, and I've probably been lucky enough to attend. Accordingly, I'm often asked by friends, co-workers, and fellow professionals for my recommendations regarding which conferences to attend.

One conference that always resides at the top of my list is the All Star Conference. There is a reason it is called the "best of the best." Every time I have attended, I have been amazed by the breadth of coverage, the depth of knowledge, and the incredible opportunities for learning that the All Star Conference represents.

And never once has someone come back to me and told me I was wrong.

In October, the All Star Conference will be in New Orleans. I will be there, too.

There is a good chance I would have attended anyway, but this year I am honored to be speaking. Wednesday morning I will be presenting "Creative Auditing — More than Just an Oxymoron."

One of the questions I often get about this presentation is, "Mike, why would anyone in internal audit need to know about creativity?" I also often find myself in discussions with audit leaders wondering how they can take their audit shops to the next level — how to find ways to be more effective and efficient, how to inspire their auditors to get new ideas, and how to find innovation within their own departments.

It is ironic that the people having these discussions never seem to realize they are answering each other's questions.

During this presentation, you will hear how you can improve the way you approach creativity, how creativity can be fostered within an internal audit department, and how that creativity can make you, your department, and the profession more successful.

It all comes down to this: If you are interested in the direction internal audit is headed, if you want to learn some of the best practices within our profession, and if you want to hear the best presentations of the year, then come to New Orleans. 

And, if you are interested in what you might do to help our profession find its way, then join me Wednesday morning as I share the ideas and concepts that lead to more than creativity; that lead to the revelations and innovations that will help the profession maintain its relevance into the future.

See you in New Orleans. And, while you're there, come on up and say hi. 

Mike Jacka, CIA
Chief Creative Pilot

2013 All Star Conference