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An Internal Auditor’s Primer to Data Governance and Management

Course Description

Print-friendly Course Description and Outline

Data is the driving force for most management decisions and many leaders will tell you it is their most valuable asset. Unfortunately, in many organizations, it is also their most uncontrolled asset. Over the decades, organizations have created and accumulated an inordinate volume of data and the amount grows daily.

The challenge for many organizations is threefold:

  1. They do not know what data they have.
  2. They do not know how many copies of each data set they have.
  3. They do not know where the copies of the data sets are located.

Proper data management starts with an accurate and complete inventory of all data and information assets.

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is for audit leaders and internal auditors looking for a basic understanding of data, data governance, and data management.

Course Objectives

This course is designed to familiarize internal auditors with data and information types and formats and start the journey of learning how to govern and manage them. In this course, participants will:

  • Explore the origin of data and information.
  • Recognize the characteristics of strong data governance.
  • Describe the primary deliverable from an effective governance process.
  • Identify the primary considerations and activities associated to solid data management.
  • Discuss variations of how data governance and management is approached based on organization size and industry.
  • Consider the value of data analytics and methods for managing data obtained during the audit activity.
  • Discuss preliminary concepts related to data literacy.
Course Duration: 0.5 day(s)
CPEs Available: 4
Knowledge Level: Basic
Field of Study: Auditing
Advance Preparation: 
Delivery Method: eLearning (Group-Internet-Based); On-site Training (Group-Live); Seminar (Group-Live); Live Stream

​Origin of Data and Information

  • History of data and information.
  • Data and datasets.
  • Data types.
  • Data formats.
  • Dark data.
  • Metadata.

Data Governance

  • Data classification policy.
  • Master data.
  • Data dictionary.
  • Data ethics.
  • Differences in approach by organizational size.

Data Literacy

  • Explain the fundamental concepts of data literacy.
  • Describe why data literacy is an important first step for data management and a successful data analytics program.

Data Management

  • Data and information inventory.
  • Data storage.
  • Data backup and retention.
  • Encryption and digital keys
  • Establishing data analytics as a function or task within the internal audit department.
  • Managing data and information once obtained by the internal audit department.
  • Differences in approach by organizational size.

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