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Communication and Negotiation Skills for the 21st Century Auditor

Course Description

Print-friendly Course Description and Outline

Effective communication is required to be successful in the business world. This course will provide internal auditors with important communication skills to effectively converse with audit stakeholders to build professional business relationships and accomplish audit objectives. Skilled communication can be the difference in auditor success or failure.

An important aspect of skilled communication is the ability to negotiate. Auditors find themselves negotiating with stakeholders in many different ways (e.g., date to provide/receive information, findings, response to draft reports, and access to key staff). Successful auditors who work well with management have strong communication and negotiation skills. Techniques, approaches, tools, and perceptions will be reviewed, discussed, and practiced in this training to enable internal auditors to better meet stakeholder expectations.

This training will benefit both new and experienced auditors who want to strengthen communication with audit stakeholders. Interactive exercises will be used to reinforce session learning objectives with real-life examples. This is the perfect course for technically competent professionals who want to improve their communication skills.

This course is appropriate for auditors with five years or less experience in operational, performance, financial, or IT auditing who want to learn more about communication, negotiation, and building business relationships. The course also is appropriate for auditors with more than five years’ experience who want a refresher or to identify new ideas/approaches to further develop communication, negotiation, and relationship building skills.

This seminar will cover the following important issues:

  • Different forms of communication and how communication is evolving with the greater use of technology.
  • Types of people who are difficult to communicate with and approaches/tips to improve communication.
  • Thinking on your feet (including elevator speeches).
  • Negotiation from the internal auditor’s perspective.
  • Persuading/selling audit findings/recommendations.
  • Relationships, first impressions, and professionalism.

After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively with audit stakeholders.
  • Deal with difficult people and situations.
  • Enhance your presentation and business writing skills.
  • Negotiate with ease.
  • Negotiate to a result that benefits both parties.
  • Communicate with management and effectively sell your ideas/findings.
  • Strengthen relationships with audit stakeholders.
  • Use reference materials provided for personal and audit team future development.
Course Duration: 2 day(s)
CPEs Available: 16
Knowledge Level: Basic
Field of Study: Communications and Marketing
Advance Preparation: 
Delivery Method: On-site Training (Group-Live)


  • Communicator styles
  • Barriers
  • Effective communication
  • Types of communication
  • Measuring communication effectiveness

Difficult People or Situations

  • Why difficult
  • Different personality of behavioral traits
  • Techniques for handling difficult situations


  • Preparation
  • Challenges
  • Steps
  • Tips


  • Planning meetings
  • Entrance meetings/conferences
  • Status updates
  • Closing meetings/exit conferences (discussion of draft report)
  • Audit follow-ups


  • Format
  • Report
  • Tone
  • Review process

Building Customer/Client Relationships

  • Why build relationships
  • How to build relationships
  • Steps and lessons learned to build trust and credibility

Persuasion and Sales

  • Thinking on your feet
  • Providing concise information to influence
  • Techniques and approaches to get your findings/issues/recommendations considered/accepted
  • Communicating with the C-suite


  • Communication – barriers, challenges, and needs
  • Effective communication – How is it measured?
  • Working with difficult people
  • Negotiation
  • Presentations
  • Reporting Writing
  • Communicating/selling audit results

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